Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Hidden Hand Behind The Curtain, A Tale of Psychological Warfare.

-Article by Dark Matter

There’s an immensely fine line, and somewhat a dangerous line, between what can be considered by the majority as merely conspiratorial, and what remains to be undeniable ‘On Record’ facts regarding the atrocities of our modern time. When I discovered that the Black Lives Matters movement in the US was funded by possibly the most evil human being on the face of the planet besides the Rothschilds, George Soros, my eyes rolled again and I suddenly felt like I was watching the same film of an old tireless tramp desperately trying to save his widow from committing suicide under a guillotine with no avail. 

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Monsanto Suing State Of California For Telling The Truth About Its Chemicals

California — Monsanto is suing the State of California for its intent to include glyphosate — the main ingredient in its wildly popular herbicide, Roundup — on its Proposition 65 toxic chemicals list.

California’s decision came after the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classified glyphosate as a “probable carcinogen” in March 2015. Researchers discovered “limited evidence” of a link between the weedkiller and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in humans, as well as “convincing evidence” of its link to other forms of cancer in rodents. Thus, IARC decided unanimously that glyphosate is “probably carcinogenic.”

Author’s Presentation Cancelled After Catholic School Discovers He’s Gay

In light of the Royal Commission in Rome, where Cardinal Pell appears to be tightening the noose around his neck, the Catholics are in the Australian spotlight again.

A Sydney Catholic school has cancelled a popular award-winning author’s appointment to speak with their students, after he shortly announced on his blog that he was gay. The school De La Salle College, reported by the Sydney Morning Herald, has been said to have contacted the Will Kostakis through email to cancel his appointment.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Old Melbourne UFO Report Found In Government Archives Used As X Files Case

As X-Files fans await the finale of the hit show's new series, a century-old UFO sighting in Melbourne has come to light.

The historical sighting even has parallels with a more recent UFO "encounter" referenced by the science-fiction series.

The first episode of this year's revival of The X-Files mentioned the real-life case of Victorian woman Kelly Cahill.

In the episode, Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) asks internet newscaster Tad O'Malley (Joel McHale) to prove his UFO credentials by citing details of Ms Cahill's story.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Appalling Beyond Belief: 95% Of All Prison Inmates In America Have Never Received A Trial

In the Land of the Free, one-quarter of the entire planet’s prison population, some 2.2 million people, currently languish behind bars; yet, an astonishing number of them — around 2 million — have never been to trial. Indeed, these figures categorically debunk the notion the criminal justice system in the United States maintains any semblance of its formation’s original intent: to ensure the guilty suffer punishment befitting their crimes, while the innocent avoid false conviction.

Google's 'Australia Day' Main Search Page Focuses On Aboriginal Reconciliation

Internet giant weighs into heated debate on timing of Australia's national day, saying artwork may help reconciliation.

Internet giant Google has weighed into Australia's heated debate on the timing of its national day by using an artwork focusing on Aboriginal Australians on its homepage.

As per its custom of celebrating national holidays with individual "Google Doodles", Google's Australian search page on Tuesday published a doodle created by Canberra High School student Ineka Voigt.

An Australian Republic 'Could Benefit Indigenous Australians'

Leading academic says she backs call for an Australian head of state if sovereignty of indigenous people is recognised.

A leading Australian academic and Aboriginal activist has supported a renewed campaign for Australia to become a republic if it recognises the sovereignty of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander citizens and gives them more political representation.

Professor Jakelin Troy, the director of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Research at the University of Sydney, said she "absolutely" supported the notion of Australia becoming a republic but that any new system of governance should correctly recognise that Aboriginal Australians initially owned the country.

Are We Really A Multicultural Safe Haven? Australia Day Brings Many Sensitive Issues To The Table

Is Australia really a multicultural safe haven of equal opportunity? Or is racism more prevalent than ever before? Stan Grant took to the stage for the last IQ2 debate of 2015. His speech is widely acknowledged to be one of the most powerful ever heard at IQ2.

As the admin of, I would like to remind the reader that all of the points and issues discussed by Mr. Grant in the above video are all well documented facts which are pre-reminiscent atrocities of the appallingly evil acts committed before, during and after the implementation of the pernicious 1905 Aborigines Act of WA which utilised manipulative use of language to facilitate the justification of the most heinous of crimes against humanity; the genocide and slavery of the indigenous people of Australia. 

3 Wars Being Waged On Humanity Right Now Which Give Clear Insight Into The Future Of Mankind.

Rarely can we summarize the times we live in so clearly and concisely that (if you don’t already see and understand what is happening globally) after reading this article, anyone who wasn’t sure at first but is paying attention to developments shouldn’t have any trouble seeing the end game agenda at play.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

The FBI Just Distributed Child Pornography To 215,000 Sickos, So They Could Arrests 25 People

The FBI has embarked on a new strategy to catch people dwelling in the depraved world of online child pornography, and it is raising some eyebrows. For almost two weeks, the FBI ran one of the Internet’s largest child pornography websites and allowed users to download thousands of illicit images and videos.