Monday, September 2, 2013

John Kerry: 'a moral obscenity'.

John Says: "I can now tell the American people that we have the evidence to prove beyond doubt that Assad has used chemical weapons against his own people."
What that really means: "I've been ordered by the Rothschilds to tell the entire world that we have evidence to prove stuff although I doubt that they'll buy it.  I've got no idea about Assad or what he has or hasn't done but if the Rothschilds order it, well I better do it"

John Says: "We have been contacted by a lady in Albert City, Iowa, who confirms seeing a picture on the Internet of a child in Damascus drinking Coca Cola."
What that really means: "Even politics isn't immune to advertising, pay the right price and i'll mention any product... just like a prostitute."  

John Says: "Assad must be punished for this heinous crime which represents a moral obscenity."
What that really means: "We will surely get away with this heinous crime which is a moral obscenity, we have every other time."

('P.S.: I am really, really desperate and I am going to get even sillier and more ridiculous before the vote, so be prepared to believe anything.'')