Monday, September 2, 2013

Lying war criminal confirms missile strikes against Syria but wants Congress to cover his back

Obama speech was one continuous lie in which fact and truth played no part.

Obama Liar
The eyes say it all.
Obama says that he can strike against Syria before weapons inspectors report their findings from the investigation in Damascus and without a vote at the United Nations Security Council which he knows he would lose.
With the lapdog British government blocked from military action and with public opinion seriously against him he is seeking to cover his back and share the responsibility with the Fools and Tools on the Hill.
This is to avoid being seen as solely responsible for attacks which are aimed simply at taking out Assad military assets to make it easier for the 'rebels' to win the civil war and hand power in Syria to the US, Britain and Israel (the Rothschilds). All the rest is smokescreen.
He must be seriously confident of winning the vote when Congress reconvenes on September 9th, but since when did they have any backbone given that Israel has most of them in its back pocket? This delay is, however, indicative of how weak his position is compared with Bush in 2003.
By the way, another speech comes and goes and still no evidence produced that Assad ordered a chemical attack.