Monday, September 2, 2013

Propaganda assault to win Congress vote underway and you have seen nothing yet - John Kerry: 'Evidence shows sarin gas used in Syria'

Even if that was true the US-controlled Saudis have been supplying the 'rebels' - led by Western funded-and-armed 'Al-Qaeda' mercenaries - with chemical weapons.

Rothschild Zionist, Skull and Bones Kerry: So desperate he could say anything before the vote.
'A day after President Barack Obama stepped back from his threat to launch an attack, John Kerry said in a series of interviews on the Sunday news shows that the administration learned of the sarin use within the past 24 hours.
Hair and blood samples from the emergency workers who rushed to the scene of last month's attack in Damascus and given independently to the United States have shown signs of the powerful sarin nerve gas, Kerry told US television channels.'