Sunday, September 15, 2013

Severely disabled man told he must take medical to prove he is not fit for work

UNABLE to walk, talk or feed himself, Ryan Norman has needed round-the-clock care since he was four months old.
Now, at the age of 20, Government bureaucrats say he must have a medical to see if he is fit for work before he can claim the benefits his mother relies on to care for him.
Ryan’s mother, Ceneta, his sole carer, claims she is in serious financial difficulties after Ryan’s child benefit and tax credits automatically stopped on his 20th birthday on September 1 – with a wait of several weeks before he is assessed for adult benefits.
Ms Norman, from Darlington, described her son as a baby trapped in an adult’s body and said she cannot understand why he must prove his disabilities for the adult benefits system when his condition is already well documented.
The single mother said she will struggle to provide for Ryan and her two other children, Shane, 15, and Shanice, nine, without money for Ryan’s care.
Ms Norman, 49, said: “Everything seems to be such a struggle, they [the authorities] don’t seem to think of him as a person at all.