Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Unnatural Death of Dr. David Kelly: Template for 'Legalised Cover-up' of Political Assassinations

'At the time of writing it is September 2013. What would happen if Dr Kelly’s body were to be found today? Or, what if the campaign to reopen his inquest were successful? Could citizens feel confident that an inquest would be opened, chaired by an appropriately skilled (medically qualified) Coroner who can call a jury, subpoena witnesses, place witnesses under oath and deliver an independent, evidence-based verdict?
Most would agree that all these criteria would need to be met as minimal conditions for justice to be done and seen to be done after years of obfuscation by the executive. What the citizenry want for Dr Kelly is due process in a proper courtroom.
Dream on. Since the death of Dr Kelly and the atrocity of the Iraq War, the British government have been stealthily chipping away the fundamental tenets of the Coronial and Inquiries systems to ensure absolute political control and all necessary secrecy with respect to the death of any individual. The 2005 Inquiries Act and the 2009 Coroners and Justice Act can, if deemed politically necessary, be used in conjunction to ensure that any investigation into a death can be held in secret and citizens (including family members) can be refused access to parts of proceedings, evidence and even the final report.'