Tuesday, September 3, 2013

West Virginia Woman Has Home Foreclosed By Accident, All Furniture Trashed by Contractors

'Wall Street crime number one billion and one: A bank sent the repo men to the home of West Virginia resident Nikki Bailey to foreclose on the property and trash all her belongings only to learn that Bailey's was actually the wrong house in the wrong town.
Bailey returned to her house from visiting a friend in the hospital to find that repo men from CTM Industries had removed every last item of furniture from her house. When pressed to explain what was going on, the men simply stated that they'd been ordered by an unnamed bank to foreclose on Bailey's house.
The only issue was that Bailey's house had been bought in full over 25 years prior. Upon further inspection, it turned out that Bailey's house was on Godby Street, while the house slated for repossession was found in Godby Heights. An understandable mistake except for the fact that Godby Heights isn't located in the town of Logan, but Chapmanville—over ten miles away.'