Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A masked Russell Brand leads Anonymous march against austerity cuts: Funnyman-turned-activist joins protesters as they aim fireworks at Buckingham Palace

Celebrity Actor & Comedian Russell Brand Stands His
Ground with Anonymous Last Night in London

‘Fireworks were fired at Buckingham Palace last night and a blaze was started just yards from its gates as hundreds of masked Anonymous protesters clashed with police.

The demonstrators – taking part in a global march against austerity cuts known as the Anonymous Million Mask Protest – threw glass bottles during confrontations with officers in riot gear.

Comedian Russell Brand, 38, joined in the protest as he used an opinion article in The Guardian to say that people riot ‘when dialogue fails, when they feel unrepresented and bored by the illusion’.


Edited & Contributed:
Chris Rath- Independent Researcher, Orwellian Eye. Australia (1984 was not meant to be used as an instruction manual)

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