Tuesday, November 5, 2013

FALSE FLAG...AGAIN- LAX Shooting A Set Up! Police Chief Slips Up In Interview

With just about every mass shooting and bombing in the history of 'terror' attacks a little too close for comfort, always occurring around the same time as a government, military or Police 'training' drill... any 'sane' minded individual must begin to see a pattern emerge and start questioning what they are being told.

These shootings and False Flag attacks are LIVE Government Training Drills, and innocent civilians are used as the targets.

Of coarse, the news reports will always (mis)inform you otherwise because the corporations who literally own Governments also own the news station.

The Top cops, politicians, fat cats and CEO's are also owned by these corporations.

Do you really believe that these people are going to fess up to committing mass murder?

If the right catch phrase and meaningless gibberish is spewed out to the populous, used to conceal the crime and misinform the masses such as 'in the interest of National Security', 'terrorist attack', 'to protect the people'... then naive and gullible populations of sheeple will believe just about anything.  

Its harder for people to challenge the information they are told, and people do not like to have their 'comfort zones' disrupted or their belief systems challenged.  This is the main reason why these criminals have been getting away with these crimes for a very long time, because they are never held accountable for their crimes, and the ones who are writing and creating the laws of the lands are also the ones who are breaking them.  

Until we, as a collective mass recognize and accept the blatantly obvious, then nothing will ever change; and these acts of carnage against humanity will continue.

Article by Chris Rath- Independent Researcher, Orwellian Eye. Australia (1984 was not meant to be an instruction manual)

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