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Man-Made Typhoons in Philippines & Yamashita’s Gold

THERE IS NOW MUCH speculation that the recent, unnaturally speedy typhoon in the Philippines was man-made. Shocked? You shouldn’t be. Weather-modification technology is by now well established, with many countries routinely employing it to bring rain, divert storms, and for other more nefarious purposes. You didn’t hear about the hurricane on 9/11

So, hypothetically, let’s imagine that Typhoon Haiyen was induced or enhanced. So who and why? The most likely suspect, by a mile, has to be the USA (or, more accurately, elements within the US Secret Government). Okay, so why? To remove thousands of ‘useless eaters’, to help support the crumbling Global Warming scam, as a general distraction from Middle East war preparations, US martial law, the impending economic collapse… or something a little more left field?

“Satellite images along with readings of ocean heat seem to suggest
that Haiyan was an unnaturally powerful storm.”


THIS IS WHERE the recently rearranged face of US Secretary of State, the lovable John Kerry enters the frame, with a kind offer to help the poor people of the Philippines rebuild their shattered infrastructure. This will mean shipping in lots of heavy lifting and digging equipment and, as most of the affected areas have been completely flattened by the unnaturally high winds, any US ‘relief effort’ will be free to proceed—out of site of the displaced locals. So what’s in it for Uncle Sam..?

Introducing Yamashita’s Gold

YamashitaAFTER WORLD WAR II a vast gold hoard of Japanese gold (most of which was stolen from other Asian countries) was found hidden in over 175 different sites in the Philippine Islands by a member of General Charles Willoughby‘s staff. Willoughby was General MacArthur’s Chief of Intelligence.
According to financial expert Bix Weir, the treasure apparently involved more than 300,000 tons of gold and other treasures. He didn’tt state what part of the find was gold, but he did note that the total of all mined gold in the world was believed to be 140,000 tons. Thus, the Japanese gold find in the Philippines must have been at best only some part of the 140,000 tons.
THIS TREASURE has been known by many names including Yamashita‘s TreasureThe Golden Lily Treasure, The Black Eagle Fund and many other variants. This revelation became known to the public from the 2003 release of the book “Gold Warriors: America’s Secret Recovery of Yamashita’s Gold,” written by Sterling and Peggy Seagraves. (
The gold find in the 1940s would have crushed the value of monetary gold around the world. Because the US Government was the largest holder of monetary gold, it would have significantly devalued US reserves if made public. Its revelation would also have allowed claims from certain Asian countries that the gold belonged to them. This would have upset the balance of power and wealth in the region.
AS A RESULT, the US decided to keep the treasure find a secret. Every US President since Truman has known about the treasure and the organizations that grew up around it. Weir dogmatically asserts that the institutions that were involved with it are vast and powerful—including JP Morgan, Citigroup, AIG, the World Bank, Morgan Stanley and the rest.
George Bush was asked, “Which is the richest country in the world today?”
He answered, “The Philippines, Marcos knew it, but he could not talk.”
Washington power players from the early days of Bill Donovan and William Casey to modern times with the Bushes and Dick Cheney have used this treasure trove to advance their agendas. Today they are known as “The Enterprise” and are now the evil step child of the United States that no one dare speak of.
Over the years, this gold has been used as the main source of covert funding by the US and Western intelligence agencies to manipulate financial markets, overthrow governments, and enrich the personal coffers of those who have been charged with administering it.
There’s More:

Has Massive WWII Gold Hoard Been Found?

“The biggest economic discovery in history… worth $100 trillion”
A MAN claiming to have in his group’s possession the legendary treasure known as“Yamashita’s Gold,” consisting of over $100 trillion worth of precious metals and bank funds, was released from federal prison on July 3, 2013, and has agreed to speak withAmerican Free Press to discuss details of the matter. He stated that “this money will pay off the budget deficit, and provide for Social Security and healthcare for perpetuity.”
“I have the assets you wrote about in your March 2012 article. I have been detained by USA authorities for 3 years for not turning them over without a contract or knowledge of how they would be used and to keep the discovery a secret. I have the largest treasure find in history and need an outlet to expose it all…”
THE BOTTOM LINE on this is that the US government and its agencies since 1945 have gained access to large amounts of gold which have never been accounted for. If the US government, through its plunge protection team and other financial manipulating activities, has needed large sums of gold to manipulate the gold markets during the last many years, those sums of gold could have been easily made available through clandestine means—like the CIA.
IMELDA MARCOS describes how her husband filled their walls with gold bullion
Her husband, Philippines President Ferdinand Marcos, often boasted that he had found the World War II war chest of Japanese Gen. Tomoyuki Yamashita, containing gold and jewelry looted from all over Asia. And in 1998, Imelda Marcos told a US Senate hearing that her late husband had built his mother’s home with a wall of gold bricks. The gold, she said, was from the Japanese general’s bullion.


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