Friday, November 8, 2013

Obama's Climate Task Force: The New World Order Trojan Horse

Obama's new executive order (EO) that creates a global warming task force, The Council on Climate Preparedness and Resilience, is a tool to implement Agenda 21 (New World Order), which is the blueprint for totalitarian control through the United Nations which would virtually give the war-mongering US government complete and total control over the entire planet. 

The new task force utilizes corrupt science that stems from government funded studies which come directly from the the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which is also the source of countless scandals. Obama's most recent preferred strategy, bypassing Congress (aka: Tyranny), is being used to lockdown land use and control water resources. And there are hidden UN and World Trade Organization treaties lurking in the background.

The 'threat of global warming', already executed and failed in Australia, is used as an excuse to force unnecessary taxes and costly, tyrannical regulations on the public. 

Man-made global warming is a hoax and the Earth has been in a cooling phase for over the last 15 years which is heavily documented in the public archives and affirmed by independent scientists and climatologists  

For documented evidence of the climate change hoax click here (James Corbett's analysis of the United Nations' IPCC)

Obama uses executive orders to circumvent Congress in addition to bestowing unconstitutional powers on executive agencies under his control.

A current example of agency overreach is playing out right now as the EPA is trying to extend its jurisdiction over all bodies of water by changing the definition of 'water' in the Clean Water Act. The EPA does have jurisdiction over 'navigable waters' and is trying to expand its control by claiming that all bodies of water fit into that category because water has a common source under the Earth's surface.

Obama is including state and local governments in his task force because the the feds must get agreement from the states to implement federal regulations that fall outside the scope of federal powers listed in the Constitution. Obama's task force targets the state's  natural resources and local governments' control over land use through planning and building permits.

According to Obama's EO, the task force will "create incentives" in order to implement their schemes; this is a code phrase that means that the federal government will bribe state and local governments for control over them or, conversely, the feds will withhold funds when opposed to bring state and local governments back in line.

The President's Climate Action Plan

The President's Climate Action Plan that was published in June 2013 is a playbook for the new task force.

The action plan calls for more 'free trade' treaties and agreements through the World Trade Organization (WTO) that forces governments and businesses to comply with legally binding regulations, which is the opposite of free trade. WTO treaties often bolster monopolies that favor large multinational corporations.
The President's action plan also calls for a UN treaty agreement that will have full legal force. Following the UN climate summit deal in Durban in 2011, the US and China agreed to set legally binding emission targets by 2015 through a Kyoto-like treaty.

Some of Obama's international goals are disturbing, for example, his action plan intends to push "drought resistant seeds". Using this phrase is a covert way to promote seeds that are specifically engineered to be resistant to droughts, without identifying them as genetically modified organisms (GMO) because there is so much opposition to GMOs. The US has a vested interest in spreading GMO seeds across the globe as they are business partners with Monsanto and co-owners of a patent.

Obama is promoting worldwide expansion of nuclear power because the carbon emissions are low. However, nuclear power is exceptionally dangerous, the risk of another Chernobyl or Fukushima-type accident is high, and radioactive contamination lasts for thousands of years.

Obama's international goals push natural gas energy, which is touted as being cleaner than coal because it has lower carbon emissions, but there is no mention of how frack-drilling with chemicals for the gas causes groundwater pollution. Obama has his eye on expanding US frack-drilled natural gas exports.

The Senate has the power to ratify or reject any proposed WTO and UN treaties and many would vote in favor of unconstitutional treaties, therefore, it is time to throw them out of office in favor of Constitutional candidates.

Original article by Cassandra Anderson,
You can read more articles by Cassandra Anderson at her site MorphCity

Edited & Contributed:
Chris Rath- Independent Researcher, Orwellian Eye. Australia (1984 was not meant to be used as an instruction manual)

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