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Paedophiles Avoiding Criminal Charges

Paedophiles avoiding criminal charges due to medicalization of sexual deviance

I was ridiculed by some when I shared my thoughts about the sinister yet obvious attempt to legalise paedophilia just a few months back.

Now, in the light of new evidence, those who ridiculed me would probably change their mind if they still had one.

A recent article by Dave Bohon in ‘’New American’’ [1] makes it clear that legalising paedophilia is a continued effort which, thanks to certain conservative groups across the world such as the Liberty Counsel and the American Family Association are coming to light.

It would take me days to elaborate on this subject and comment on every point in this article alone. Instead I will only say that it is my feeling that any person with morals intact would reach a similar conclusion about the American Psychiatric Association’s (APA) ‘’scientific study’’ after reading the article by Dave Bohon.

I’m quite confident that any decent human being would agree that what is currently taking progress is an attempt to legitimise paedophilia and lower the age of consent across the entire globe.

It was one of my earlier articles in which I expressed my thoughts on this subject after the shocking news broke from Britain where an English barrister tried to lower the age of consent to 13 in order to ‘’protect old men from prosecution’’ in the wake of the Jimmy Savile sex abuse scandal. [2]

’As well as calling for the age of consent to be lowered to 13, Ms Hewson also sparked anger saying guaranteed anonymity to sexual abuse complainants should be removed, and the statute of limitations reformed to prevent historic allegations being prosecuted.’’ Even though Stuart Hall has pleaded guilty to abusing children as young as nine years old, the English barrister argued that “the low-level misdemeanours with which Stuart Hall was charged are nothing like serious crimes’’. ‘’Lawyer Barbara Hewson’s shocking comments have been condemned by children’s charities after she dismissed child sex abuse crimes as mere “low-level misdemeanours” which would not normally be prosecuted.’’

I remember how my blood started to boil when I read it first. But as it became more apparent, this attempt was not an isolated incident. From the article by Dave Bohon, one can see that multiple efforts to legitimise paedophilia are at work. The exposure of the American Psychiatric Association designation of paedophilia as ‘’sexual orientation’’ have forced the APA to make a statement referring to it as an ‘’error’’, which apparently wasn’t caught by any professional during the 10 years study.

Matt Staver of the pro-family Liberty Counsel has rightly pointed out: “if reclassifying paedophilia was merely an ‘error,’ it would have been caught in the ‘decade’s journey.’ Whether it is classified a ‘sexual orientation’ or a ‘sexual interest,’ any effort to legitimise paedophilia will provide pederasts with all the arguments they need to remove age of consent laws, and children will suffer.” [3]
To me personally paedophilia is one of the most uncomfortable subjects to talk about due to it's heinous nature however not talking about the subject would be aiding the continuation of the behaviour.

Any attempts to completely medicalize paedophilia – turning a criminal issue into a medical issue – is an attempt to dismiss child sex abuse criminal charges whilst lowering the level of convictions to “low-level misdemeanours”, thus providing indirect legal protection from criminal charges to individuals when they get caught. Obviously, any criminal would prefer to be designated mentally ill and prescribed psychiatric treatments rather than doing hard time on paedophilia charges in prison.

Realistically speaking, just about any criminal offence can be subsequent to some type of mental illness or psychiatric disorder. Where must a line be drawn?

Should murder and serious assaults fall under the same type of legislations?  Of coarse they shouldn't. However if paedophilia is granted this exemption to a criminal charge then what other heinous crimes are at risk of eventually falling under the same legislative exemptions?

These are some serious questions that unfortunately are seeming to be overlooked by the world's lawmakers, while political popularity and political bargaining appear to take first priority over these important issues that affect jurisdictions collectively.


[1] Psychiatric Group Backtracks on Paedophilia Classification - The New American[2] Age of consent should be lowered to 13 to stop persecution of old men, says top barrister - Express
[3] Psychiatric Group Backtracks on Paedophilia Classification – Infowars

Edited & Contributed:

Chris Rath- Independent Researcher, Orwellian Eye Australia (1984 was not meant to be used as an instruction manual)

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