Monday, November 11, 2013

The Battle of Your Inner Emotional Ship Against the Sea of Bad News

Do you feel like you’re taking on the world lately? Is your inner emotional ship a bit battered by the sea of bad news so much so that you can’t seem to bail out quite fast enough? Many are having this experience and are feeling various degrees of despair and frustration over this right now.

Understandably so, it’s a real onslaught we’re having to endure on several fronts at once. And it’s getting worse.

It can force one to lash out at those seeming to emphasize all of this violence and oppression by cursing their names from the highest hilltop. I know I’ve been guilty of dwelling on the negative at times and it does create a type of fascination when you start to see how all of this is transpiring right under everybody's noses, despite our greatest efforts to expose it now already exhausted.

It’s like standing on the deck of a boat watching a monstrous wave mount as it comes towards you and you are frozen in your footsteps in awe of this wonder, even though it’s potentially about to overwhelm and recreate everything in your world.

We Are the Living Answer

I hear this type of comment a lot, “Why does the alternative media keep bringing up all of this doomsday and glooms-day jargon and never have any answers? When is someone going to come up with a constructive plan we can implement?” While the question is sincere and the underlying frustration is shared by many, it reveals some basic misconceptions.

We look out over this landscape of news, views and alternative exposure and feel overwhelmed. While we tend to point our finger at others, the key of any awakening lies within what is happening in our own lives, not the general populous or the current trend. The latest metaphysical fashion may reflect or even catalyse further awakening but the battleground is each of us individually. How far will each of us take or apply what we already know? Individually? So many observe, waiting for someone to wave the magic wand with solutions. There are many wonderful solutions currently being implemented right now an there are many that were implemented long ago which are still operating and working effectively, the alternative media is by no means all gloom and doom if we’re honest, but I do understand how it may appear rather dark at times. The truth surrounding what is currently happening globally right now just happens to have many seriously negative and sinister aspects.

Our individual lives are our own personal magic wands. We can engage in as many movements, rallies and spiritual workshops as we like but we should never wait for someone or something to save us. If the general direction of where to go isn’t clear at this point right now, then, I honestly don’t know what to say or where to go from here. Being frozen by complacency and ignorance really is no excuse after a person realises what is currently happening all over the world in every country, in every state, in every community and in every home.

Waiting Works – Let It Pass

Allow it to unfold naturally, like healing for example. Most people are conditioned to run to the doctor for almost every type of malady when in almost every case things just pass naturally. Take some practical action if need be, clean wounds, rest, change your dietary habits or just get off your injured foot, but most things heal just fine with a little patience and common sense. Get trustworthy advice if need be of course, but most things in general just pass.

It’s the same with emotions, spiritual sensations and moods. And the awakening. There’s a very real external spiritual climate outside of ours that has nothing to do with us except by influencing us. We just happen to be here and have in most cases inadvertently taken part in its propagation just by our participation. It’s from an external source that you did not bring on. Yet we often take on these adopted imposed spiritual mood swings and then assume something is inherently wrong with us or semi-consciously blame our surroundings for our plight.

That or we inadvertently let the seeming hopelessness of this continued lower vibrational bombardment become part of our make up and it thereby drag us into its morass. Then their mentality becomes ours. That’s not where we want to go.

Our interpretation of the situation is very often what is wrong. By attributing this spiritual smog attack in any way to ourselves or other bystanders and observers is to give it dominion over us. And it’s not always obvious how it worms its way into our make up and makes us feel like it’s no use doing anything in one form or another. This distinction is intrinsic to spiritual survival, and overcoming.

Keep Bailing and keep the Bilge Pumps Working

Therein lies the trick of our external onslaught: debilitation, discouragement and disempowerment – shutting down your spiritual engines and all important bilge pumps to where you take on more sewage, faster than you reject it. If you let it of coarse. Everything compounds from there. We’ve all been there - the longer we let the bilge of lies and propaganda accumulate in the boat the harder it is to pump out, and the more discouraged we become.

Meanwhile, what’s happening to your neglected, engine-less craft? Are you drifting with the current of this nasty matrix and getting tossed by waves of confusion, soon to be dashed on a rocky reef like other casualties seen on the litter strewn shore?

We are all seemingly facing the same battle. It’s an incessant warfare and only going to get worse, so it’s time to get the hang of it. That or people will be forced to bow out of the fray and take the easy road of least resistance. The last thing any of us need is fellow ship mates fainting in their hearts, pounding on the deck and sobbing about how hopeless it is and to just give up.

We’ve all been there to some degree, but these are extreme times. When the going gets tough…and keeps getting tougher.

Take Heart

Ultimately there’s never a real reason to despair. We carry the ultimate truth within each and every one of us. That’s the secret, and its our birth right. We’re each the answer we’ve been waiting for. This might sound too esoteric to the politically motivated, but it’s true. Each awakening is an intrinsic solution to the overall problem. When we underestimate that we can easily become chopped bait eventually thrown into an open sea.

It passes. Discouragement always passes when your sails are set right and you just keep on going. No storm can deter the intrepid truth sailor, however many times we falter. You have to remember that in your heart and stay the course.

This is where foundational decisions affect others. Have you ejected your useless baggage yet? Have you detached from the weights of the worldly matrix as much as you could? It’s a daily practice, but levels of commitment are all important. Observing and criticising from some same self-circumscribed safe zone expecting or waiting for others to come up with solutions is an easy game. We see it in trolls, bad mouthing media, destructive imagery and language, and socially engineered systems of thought.

Religion again is a prime example. Putting people’s faith and trust in some external source is as debilitating as it gets. The exact opposite is the true reality. We are the answer, our lives are statements, our words and actions are weighing in towards change for the better. That, or we’re holding the change back. It’s that simple.

The Spiritual Dynamic – A Call to Action for Each of Us

I hammer on this aspect because it is perhaps the most underestimated truth there is. When the spiritual change happens and we respond to it then our actions will follow. Even more so something happens that changes everything at levels we can barely fathom. Almost every sincere activist researcher I’ve had the honour of knowing has had some major life change – evidenced by changed lifestyles, circles of friends and daily activities. And thus the word of truth became flesh – theirs. They’re not waiting for a messiah, a leader to lead the way or some program to follow. They are the way. And learning, changing and growing every day and influencing others to do the same.

This matrix will not change – it will struggle, continue to fight and become more dark and violent as it crumbles. We’ll never see this system endorse the very things that signal its downfall. Forget that. That’s why political struggles are such a trap.

Do you really think we can out spin the spider on his own web-work?

Spiritual weapons are so powerful. They’re not just in the etheric, although that is where the real action is going on. When we make that conscious step or take that new path, to put into effect what the universe is bubbling up inside of us. You’ll know as it occurs inside of you. Speaking up at the “wrong” time, sticking your neck out to defend the defenceless, calling out the Dark Ones in the midst of their manipulative actions and speaking words of courage.

These can also stem from practical measures such as joining the fight for local farmers against Genetically Modified Foods or big agricultural encroachment, starting local community groups, speaking out and exposing electro-smog, excessive and unnecessary surveillance, geo-engineering and human micro chipping, helping promote natural medicine, or getting involved in bringing free energy into the forefront of your local residential community.

Or helping/contributing to those whom you feel are doing an effective work that you’d like to see continue and make more progress and have a bigger impact. That’s an easy starting point. It really is up to us. The volunteer team at
The People’s Voice is a prime example of that, but there are many hard working activists, bloggers and researchers that need our support.

When you hear your heart calling, do it.

And it may be along more spiritual lines by spreading alternative healing technologies or spiritual practices. It may mean joining the information war. It’s really that simple. The point is to let go of the shore and enter in to a proactive mode however we are called. The time is now.

Don’t let the barrage we’re facing get you down. We all take dips but the important thing is to keep going, and identifying what, if anything, we’re holding on to that is holding us back. The storm can be a great teacher.

They say the wealthy were jumping off of the Titanic clutching their bags of gold, only to sink more quickly to the bottom of a hungry sea. That’s a very powerful metaphor.

Don’t be afraid to let go. And keep letting go. This warfare is all part of the process. Revel in it!

Let the confusion and discouragement pass. And if you need help, holler to those you love and trust. A loved one in time of need is there just for that, and they'll happily lend a hand or some words of encouragement or just be a listening ear. Before you know it there’s a break in the storm and you’re back on your feet.

I hope this helps. We’re all in this storm together. We knew it was coming but seeing it from a distance sure is different from being in it, isn’t it? It is for us all.

Steady as she blows. Keep your lights lit, engines well fuelled and running and your hand on the wheel.

And don’t neglect the bilge pumps, or if you have to, bail out with a bucket and call for help from others.


Edited & Contributed:
Chris Rath- Independent Researcher, Orwellian Eye. Australia (1984 was not meant to be used as an instruction manual)

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