Saturday, January 18, 2014

Decoding The Make Believe Reality

The Narcissist & The Parasite:
These power crazed would-be 'rulers' are within all walks of life.  They are 'Managers', Politicians, Fishermen, Grocery Store Workers and Gardeners, ironically they can not be defined through any role or true identity in particular, they can simply be defined as human beings without any sort of real knowledge regarding who they truly are. They masquerade through a filtered image of leadership, of ownership and control.  But in the real scheme of this conceptual reality, they don't really own anything. They don't own planet earth. They don't own you or me. They don't own their childish symbols or corporate logos regardless of whatever piece of paper or high profiled individual states 'that they do'. They do not own their corporations, their entities, their Proprietary Limited's, their capital gains or their kingdoms. They don’t own this present moment, they don’t own the future and they don't own the past. They don't even own themselves. It is a primordially conclusive and provable fact of life that 'ownership' of any kind is ultimately a fallacy, an illusion so to speak. It quite simply does not exist.

Look Around You, Their Childish Like Symbolism is Everywhere- From corporate logos, to ritualistic symbols to repetitive advertising within mainstream television and radio; how pathetic and dumbed down do these parasitical entities truly believe people really are? As pathetic and dumbed down as they themselves are perhaps? After All, life itself is merely an illusion layered within a reflection of one's self, constantly evolving and paradoxically fleeting through the infinite consciousness of all that is and all that could possibly be. 

So who or what are they reflecting? Their own longing for an identity perhaps? An identity that they're trying to grant to themselves via superficial means? Through products, through businesses, through logos, through money, through social or employment status, through other people, through appearance and what is considered 'attractive' to others, through ownership and through any other means available.

They are 'Parasites', in every sense of the word. And 'you' have absolutely nothing to fear from them.

I speak from a long history of personal experience of allowing myself to be controlled by these parasitical entities, of which at the time I was indeed feeding from the parasite. 
I allowed them to once control my professional life, my personal life, my relationships, my friendships, my self image perception and my perception of the world. My entire reality was in-fact being experienced by me through the filter of this parasitic burden. The inner suffering I experienced was more horrific than any other type of pain I could possibly imagine. I was living in a self submitted, self created conceptual prison; a true 'living hell' that I had created for myself and had allowed to become my projection of my everyday experience of life. For a significant portion of my life I allowed other people and other things to significantly influence my choices thus controlling the experiences of this wonderful life I have been blessed with.

These narcissistic power freaks are everywhere in fact, in all walks of life, within every community and within every profession; they are constantly striving to control the world, to control people, to control situations. They're consistently creating ongoing conflicts, personal and petty little civil wars, and failing to see others as 'human beings' rather than minions to serve their own trivial needs and desires. They wish to abolish free will and freedom of expression, not only within the world but also within their own personal relationships and environments- some are consciously and some are subconsciously trying to lay claim to some 'secret knowledge' and/or 'power source' that is superior to everything; however once the surface layers of initial perceptions are broken down, these individuals are nothing more than complete and utter frauds... literally. They think that they can bring on world changing and situation changing events that contain consequences for others such as national clampdowns, perception alteration, forced obedience, tyranny, threats, deprivation of possessions or valuables and population reduction. These are nothing more than their own personal nightmares in the making. Their own demons, mostly unacknowledged and totally denied by their 'true' selves.

Any person with even half of an awakened awareness of current culture is fully aware that something only becomes absolute truth and 'real' if it is submitted to, adhered to and granted value by others. Only through validation and obeisance can the outcome of certain intentions make any serious impact upon anything. Without such validation, these intentions would either immediately crumble into dust or not ever eventuate into anything of significance. I personally began becoming more and more aware and receptive to this concept in my mid 20's when I experienced a breakdown of a serious relationship, it was within this period that I experienced tremendous hardship and much inner emotional pain. I was threatened to be deprived of what I considered most precious and real in my life. Nastiness and torment were used generously in an attempt to intimidate me into submission; submission to just 'go along with it', to just accept whatever I was told, to allow myself to be pushed around by one of these control freaks. Once I began becoming more and more curious of the Narcissism Phenomenon, many pieces of the puzzle began falling into place.

I then came to the conclusion that concepts have no real power unless believed in. That’s the true power of one's awakening.

"1984 was not meant to be an instruction manual & Animal Farm was not meant to be a guide to leadership or success" 

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