Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Dominos Pizza, McDonalds & Wendy’s Are Feeding You Play Dough

Polydimethylsiloxane!!! Sounds tasty doesn't it? Dominos Pizza, McDonalds and Wendys think it is. The chemical has been stirring up some discussion recently due to its appearance in the 'Ingredients' labels of many fast-food menu items. It belongs to a group of polymeric compounds commonly referred to as silicones.  Applications of the chemical range from the use in contact lenses and medical devices to shampoo and conditioners (making the hair shiny and slippery).  Its used to manufacture caulks for bottles, heat resistant tiles, car polish, cosmetics, silly putty, play dough and the list goes on.

The FDA & TGA approved chemical is classified as “non-toxic” even though it is non-biodegradable and its commercial use in breast implants has decreased due to “safety concerns.” Under section 176.200 polydimethylsiloxane is listed as a defoaming agent which is an acceptable additive to food.

The defoaming agents described in this section may be safely used as components of articles intended for use in producing, manufacturing, packing, processing, preparing, treating, packaging, transporting, or holding food, subject to the provisions of this section.(a) The defoaming agents are prepared as mixtures of substances described in paragraph (d) of this section.(b) The quantity of any substance employed in the formulation of defoaming agents does not exceed the amount reasonably required to accomplish the intended physical or technical effect in the defoaming agents or any limitation further provided.(c) Any substance employed in the production of defoaming agents and which is the subject of a regulation in parts 174, 175, 176, 177, 178 and 179.45 of this chapter conforms with any specification in such regulation.

(d) Substances employed in the formulation of defoaming agents include:

(1) Substances generally recognized as safe in food.

(2) Substances subject to prior sanction or approval for

Surprisingly, the FDA also approved formaldehyde as a preservative for anti-foaming agents. Formaldehyde is recognized as a carcinogen by the CDC.

Dominos Pizza lists the ingredient in their bread sticks, cheese breads, as well as in their “garlic butter oil” used on most of their pizzas. McDonald’s lists polydimethylsiloxane as an additive in their cooking oils, meaning that their infamous McNuggets and french fries are saturated with the chemical. Wendys also uses the ingredient in their cooking oils. The FDA states that anti-foaming agents are “generally recognized as safe in food”. The term “generally” is an elusive one at best. The question begs, why is the FDA & TGA approving food additives such as polydimethylsiloxane and formaldehyde when the substances are generally used for industrial uses?

Material Data Safety sheets state that polydimethylsiloxane (or dimethicone for short) degrades to formaldehyde under higher temperatures, a concern due to the chemical’s use in fast-food cooking oils. Another MSDS revealed dangers associated with fires/explosions and polydimethylsiloxane, which can generate formaldehyde as a by-product of oxidative thermal decomposition at temperatures greater than 150 degrees C.

In 2006, The Milkweed released a report in their monthly magazine which singled out Leprino Foods, the main manufacturer and supplier of cheese for Pizza Hut, as using polydimethylsiloxane as an anti-foaming agent for their cheese. Leprino sent a letter in response stating that they received the patent for using the chemical but that “many practices are often claimed in patents, but are not utilized commercially” (??? I know right).

The use of polydimethylsiloxane provides yet another example of a supposedly “trusted” governing body letting the public down by the unethical regulation of our food. As time goes on I trust we will see more of the corruption behind the FDA & TGA being exposed. In the meantime, do yourself a favor and avoid the aforementioned fast food choices. It is clear there is a war being enacted on our health, and ultimately the only person who can save you is you.

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