Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Australian Judge Speachless in Court When Challenged by Tuth Researcher Santos Bonacci

Before you consider blindly falling prey into the belief that you MUST repay money which was loaned to you by a bank or financial institution in the form of a credit (or otherwise) which you took out due to experiencing financial hardship from ever increasing living expenses, Remember this: 'ANY legislation or policy imposed by government which causes you or ANY individual financial hardship, is in fact a non valid policy; which has been unlawfully implemented (meaning without general consensus). You ARE NOT required by law to repay ANY debts which were either offered or given to you while you may have been under financial duress through experiencing financial hardship. (Try asking any bank to provide you with THE ORIGINAL CONTRACTUAL DOCUMENTS which you allegedly signed accepting the credit debt agreement (the one which granted you a credit card), this contractual document MUST contain your ORIGINAL SIGNATURE, not a photocopied version of this agreement containing your alleged photocopied signature which is what the banks will always provide you with whenever requested

The following video is a perfect example of what happens when one person (not a lawyer, just an average joe like you and me) stands up and refuses to repay debts which were imposed by the banks under fraudulent circumstances

Without your bank or financial institution providing you with a 'reasonable opportunity' to view and verify the actual ORIGINAL CONTRACTUAL DOCUMENTS containing your original signature, there is in fact NO contractual agreement binding you to any type of repayments due to the fact that these ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS may not even exist, as most of the information contained within them are transferred into the banking computer database servers, whilst the original documents which you originally signed are destroyed due to security purposes.  

A few pieces of invalid fraudulent photocopied documents which have absolutely no legal weight whatsoever will not hold minimal jurisdictional value at best if you choose to argue the legitimacy of your credit cards or mortgages. If you do happen to request that the bank provide you with these original documents, you'll never hear from that bank again, I guarantee this; because those original documents are destroyed and all of its containing information is stored on computer servers) In a nut shell, the reality of the matter is that they don't have anything binding you to having repay them anything.  Which is one of the biggest scams of our modern time.

This following video is a reminder of the power in which YOU have to stand up for your legislative rights as a citizen of Australia. One other important fact to remember is that ANY bank loan, mortgage, credit card or otherwise which has been accepted under fraudulent circumstances is in fact by default a non-valid contractual agreement. 

photocopied contract document containing a photocopied signature is in fact a FRAUDULENT DOCUMENT. 

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