Wednesday, February 12, 2014

No Wonder Australian Kids Today Are Depressed

It's tough being a child these days in Australia and other westernised countries such as America and the UK. Today's Labor, Liberal and mainstream political party members (puppets controlled by the same entity) would like to pack children off to school when they're barely out of nappies and leave them there for 12 arduous hours. Classroom teachers have no choice but to shove phonics down their throats whether they have an appetite for reading or not. 

Parents face disciplinary measures if they dare smuggle a chocolate biscuit into their child's lunchbox. Pressure on schools to zoom up the league tables of 'who's best' means children are tested within an inch of their lives. Out-of-school tutoring and after school care for children aged around six is no longer an eccentric rarity but so common that no one thinks twice about it.

Playing outside the borders of a barricaded prison fence is an occasional treat. So beset are todays parents by fears of paedophiles, predatory dogs, urban foxes and rogue juggernauts that they wouldn't dare let their children out of their sight. That means kids spend ages online, leaving them open to bullying from which they can never escape from because the notion of simply switching off the machinery seems unconscionable, being brainwashed by T.V propaganda and playing video games has seemingly become the norm.

Throw into the mix- Parents’ financial woes and arguments about money, aired in front of children in direst doom shouting arguments throughout the household and the fact that relationships seem to be constantly under threat as a result, children fear becoming a “suitcase kid”; it’s hardly surprising thousands of Australian children under-10 are being treated for depression. Along with even higher numbers in America and the UK.

“What on earth?” I hear you ask. “Surely today’s privileged children with their bedrooms full of winking state-of-the-art technology, their foreign holidays and their lack of corporal punishment have nothing whatever to be miserable about? They haven’t lived through a war. They haven’t even suffered the boredom of existing in those hellish years before morning T.V was invented.”

Unfortunately, the “they’ve never had it so good” argument doesn’t quite ring true. Our childhoods may have been less glamorous, less entertaining and laden with rules, regulations and prohibitions but we knew where we stood.

We stood firmly in the area marked “for children only”. We were sheltered from the scary subjects of sex, money, adult discord and most things inappropriate. We had our place in the world.

We were told, not consulted, removing the pressure of making choices but at the same time we were unleashed to play and roam at will.

We want healthy, smiling, curious children capable of creative and independent thinking, not cowed creatures chained to their text books, oppressed by the sheer weight of homework and lack of physically resent parents who are always too busy working to spend any sort of quality time with them.

Just under four and a half thousand children under 10 are currently being treated for psychological problems in Australia. Let’s look deeply into ourselves and our expectations, hopes and dreams for our children and reinstate HAPPINESS as the number one priority. And let’s do it today.

Spend quality time with your children whenever possible, allow them to express themselves freely in a non-judgemental environment where they feel safe in talking to you about their feelings. Play with them, nurture them. Allow them to cry when they feel upset, don't repress it. Hug and kiss them more, tell them you're proud of them whenever you can. Praise their efforts with positive words, and never be too proud to admit your own mistakes in front of them, this allows them to realise that it's ok to make mistakes, and that we all do, its part of being a human being. 

Today's children are tomorrow's future, and the survival of the human race and our future generations is at stake if we do not make changes directly from the source. 

Information Source(s):, Australian Bureau of Statistics-
Chris Rath- Orwellian Eye Australia (1984 was not meant to be an instruction manual & Animal Farm was not meant to be a guide to success)

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