Saturday, March 29, 2014

Driven 2014 --- The Future of Our Entire World If Changes Are Not Made Soon

Recommended Viewing if You're Human
‘DRIVEN is a short film set in contemporary Ireland. It is the story of THOMAS, a man in his 40s, whose apartment is going to be repossessed by the banks. Upon hearing this news from his bank manager, we go on a journey with Thomas as he spends his last night at home in his apartment, and eventually he decides to make a stand, against the banks and the government.’


  1. I cried for an hour after watching :'-( mainstream populace can not see, this is where we are all headed on a global scale'm+a+rebel+and+my+heart+is+full+of+love.jpg

  2. aggreee me2'm+a+rebel+and+my+heart+is+full+of+love.jpg

  3. OMG I am in tears. I'm concern about this also. Our future generations will suffer greatly from the greed disease which is plaguing our world. I can't stop crying.

  4. Heartless corp pigs


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