Wednesday, March 19, 2014


The corporate media has literally spent over a week obsessing endlessly over conspiracy theories involving the alleged disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370. If you've tuned into any of the American cable news networks be it Fox News, CNN or MSNBC over the past several days you would think that this is the only news story of importance. These propaganda pushers have logged countless hours engaging in speculation and conjecture over what may or may not have happened with this airplane. Meanwhile, historically significant events are unfolding in Ukraine that could impact the world for years to come. The whores in the corporate media have intentionally chosen to provide little coverage of these developments in favor of discussing hours upon hours of Flight 370 conspiracy theories. It’d be one thing if they were providing real analysis but all of their coverage is designed for the purpose of distraction.

It is true that the legitimate disappearance of any Boeing 777 airplane would in fact be real news. But despite all of the coverage on Flight 370’s so-called disappearance nobody is asking the most basic question. Is Flight 370 even real to begin with?

There has been an incredible amount of misinformation over what may or may not have happened which means this is really the most legitimate question to ask. It is impossible to believe that a Boeing 777 airplane could just vanish into the ether with no plausible explanation. Pilots with decades of flight experience don’t even know what to make of it because they've never seen anything like it. Since most of the information we are being told about Flight 370 is based off of questionable information and outright lies, this would certainly explain why experienced pilots with thousands of hours of flight time can’t fathom how anything like this could have happened. So either the existence of this flight is in question or the information being provided for public consumption is entirely skewed. Either way, there’s no reason to believe anything we are being told.

It is also worth noting that the U.S. military and other foreign militaries have the technological capabilities to track any man made object in the air. This flight did not just vanish. If we assume Flight 370 is real, someone knows where it went and those who know have decided not to tell the public.

With all of the misinformation floating around it has led the corporate media to speculate on all sorts of unfounded conspiracy theories.

Specifically, the corporate media has zeroed in on two Iranians who allegedly boarded the flight with stolen passports. This has conveniently allowed them to speculate that evil Iranian terrorists were responsible for the flight’s disappearance while offering little to no proof. Even the photos showing the two Iranians appear to have been doctored. The two photos clearly show that both individuals share the same set of legs. Despite this major anomaly, it has still allowed the media to run additional stories on how the global passport system is flawed and needs to be more secure. So basically they’re using this as an excuse to demonize Iran and simultaneously push for an upgraded passport system.

They've also spent hours of airtime analyzing the men who were said to be piloting Flight 370. When nothing unusual of note was found they were forced to focus in on insignificant details. For example the Captain is reported to have a flight simulator in his house. Some news analysts have said that this was unusual and that he might have been using the simulator to practice for a pilot hijacking of Flight 370. This is like saying that it is unusual for a software engineer to have a powerful computer in their home. It is an incredibly stupid argument.

The alleged Captain is also seen in a photo wearing a “Democracy is Dead” t-shirt leading people to speculate that he is some sort of political fanatic. Again, we see more pointless conjecture from the pundits.

Additionally, the alleged Flight 370 co-pilot apparently allowed a couple of young women to come into the cockpit for a photo during a previous flight. The pundits proceeded to spend hours analyzing how this was irresponsible and violated protocols. This completely separate event proves nothing about what happened to Flight 370 and has also resulted in nothing but endless speculation.

Some clown on CNN said that pilots can’t be trusted after this. Another ridiculous argument considering nobody knows what really happened.

Other media outlets have even brought up some of the more outlandish Flight 370 theories that are being put out on the Internet. Among them include involvement from extraterrestrials, the Bermuda Triangle and other impossible to prove garbage. Usually these theories wouldn't even be talked about in the mainstream but giving attention to the crazier theories gives them more material to air. The fact is that they are so desperate to keep the Flight 370 mystery as the number one news story in America that they are practically inventing things to talk about.

The truth is that we'll probably never know exactly what happened with Flight 370. Admittedly, there is some interesting analysis on this topic including the possible involvement of a U.S. Airforce AWACS plane, manipulated radar information and more. However, all of this is based off of the assumption that we are dealing with a real event and real information pertaining to the event. With all of the previous lies that have originated from the corporate media it is hard to accept even the most basic information at face value. This is especially true when we see a media driven event like this.

Simply put, all of these Flight 370 theories are being thrown around to distract everyone from more meaningful stories. What’s happening in Ukraine is far more significant and will have long term consequences for years to come. It may even lead to war considering the insanity we see from the Zionist war mongers in Washington. This is what should be the number one news story in America, not this missing airplane distraction that has led everyone on a wild goose chase.


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  1. Australian's are on board of the media ejaculation orgy of pure bull shit also... channel 7 is crapping on as usual saying that the pilot was not fit to fly the plane because his facebook page says that he's having marriage issues WHO THE FUCK ISN'T HAVING MARRIAGE ISSUES??? This would mean every worker on the face of the earth including Doctors, Cops, Ambo's, you name it would be deemed 'unfit to perform their work'... Seriously, I stopped watching the BS tube ages ago, I search for my own info now and gather my own conclusions. Fuck the mainstream bullshit artists!


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