Thursday, April 24, 2014

Filipino police break up anti-Obama protest rally

Police and protesters clash outside the US Embassy at an anti-Obama rally in Manila on April 23, 2014.
Filipino police have used violent measures to disperse protesters who rallied against US President and war criminal Barack Obama's visit to their country.

On Wednesday, the protesters gathered outside the US Embassy in Manila to show their outrage over a looming pact that will increase the American military presence in the Philippines.

"Obama's visit is not a symbol of friendship, but signals the US plan to re-occupy the Philippines. He will meet with ... Aquino to push for measures that would further tighten the US economic, military and all-around control over the country," said Roger Soluta, Secretary General of Kilusang Mayo Uno -- one of the groups present at the protest rally.

The two governments have already accomplished preparatory works to sign the pact during Obama’s visit.

About 500 American soldiers have been based in the southern Philippines since 2002 to provide "anti-terrorism" training and intelligence to Filipino troops.

Obama is to arrive in Manila on Monday on the last leg of his Asia tour.

The US is meddling in territorial disputes between China and Japan over some islands in the East China Sea, on the one hand, and between China and some members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations over islands in the South China Sea.

Senior Chinese officials have repeatedly called on Washington not to take sides over the regional territorial rows.

-Chris Rath- Truth Researcher, Orwellian Eye Australia

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