Monday, April 21, 2014

In Denver USA- It’s Now Illegal to Sit Down in Public

In a video posted on YouTube today titled ‘You Won't Believe What This Police Officer Says’, a man is seen getting a ticket from a US Police Officer for sitting down in public. In the video, the police officer approaching the homeless man that was ‘illegally’ sitting down said, “Remember last week? We talked about you sitting down, you said you'd never been warned…You can't sit in the alleys, you can’t sit in the streets, you can't sit on the sidewalks in Denver.”

What has become a war on the homeless that actually just makes it harder for people to get off the streets, homeless people across the US and Australia are being targeted by authorities which are in the process of criminalizing homelessness. Buried under a paper bureaucracy which is often nearly impossible to get out from under, I’ve witnessed homeless people here in Australia who literally have stacks of citations for merely sleeping on the streets. Add to that a ban on feeding homeless people in some areas and we have a largely ignored, but real problem on our hands.

In what may be the most telling sign when it comes to the state of homelessness in America, when the US Police Officer was asked about why the ticket was being given to the homeless man, “So, because people who have homes, don’t want to see people that don't have homes” he replied,
“That could be, that’s part of the law”...

Many people, including the US and the Australian governments and obviously the officer in this video, think that if you can't see the problem of homelessness then it doesn't exist. The unfortunate fact is that many people are doing it tough; including war veterans, those with mental illnesses, homeless children, victims of domestic abuse, the unemployed and the working poor who are simply forced to live on the streets and are being treated as criminals because of it.

Please do what you can to help the less fortunate in your area. 

Obviously the US and the Australian governments are just making things worse, this goes without saying.

An important fact to remember here is that the absence of empathy for others human beings who are less fortunate is actually a clinically diagnosable symptom of Psychopathy, and those individuals who exercise no empathy whatsoever for anyone (usually people in positions of power and/or leadership) should be deemed unsuitable to make any life altering decisions based on them being psychologically unfit to do so. Exercising empathy for others is what makes us human, what makes us moral and properly adjusted human beings. Without the ability to exercise empathy, we merely become robotic sociopaths with no rhyme or reason for anything but our own self-interests, which would ultimately lead to the extinction of the entire human race.

-Chris Rath. Truth Researcher, Orwellian Eye Australia


  1. what a sad state of affairs, this is pathetic. we seriously need to unite FAST and overrun our out of control governments and corporations. this is the last straw for me, they've completely raped everything that is true and good and they try to put a f**king dollar sign on every f**king thing imaginable,

  2. 'the dude abides' ^reminds me of bill hicks ;-)


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