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EXPOSED, Liberal Government's Crimes Against Humanity

WARNING: The following documentary contains various themes which some individuals may find disturbing. The following production exposes factual evidence regarding the Liberal Government's (Howard era & Present) involvement in genocidal Crimes Against Humanity.  Although we do understand that by publishing this information we may upset some people, particularly those with strong political viewpoints, we believe that this information must be published for the greater good of humanity; as it is the truth, and the crimes contained within this documentary are still continuing to this very day.

The New World Order (The New Rulers of The World)

'The New Rulers Of The World' (Made in 2001, yet no less relevant in 2014) analyses the new global economy and reveals that the divisions between the rich and poor have never been greater - two thirds of the world's children live in poverty - and the gulf is widening like never before.

The film turns the spotlight on the new rulers of the world - the great multinationals and the governments and institutions that back them such as the IMF, the World Bank and the World Trade Organisation under whose rules millions of people throughout the world lose their jobs and livelihood.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Spectacular UFO Footage From NASA’s STS-48 Discovery Space Shuttle

When it comes to real footage of UFOs (unidentified flying objects), film from the 1991 NASA STS-48 Discovery Space Shuttle mission is definitely one at the top of the list. This footage is real, well documented, and has been the subject of rigorous scientific investigation by multiple researchers and institutions. (1)(2)(3)

The video below shows as many as a dozen objects moving in unusual fashion. Apart from that, the most fascinating part is when we see one object at a point near the horizon, as a flash occurs, followed by another object or stream that moves rapidly across the field of view, the object shoots off into space.

All Wars Are Well Planned Banker Wars, Including World War 3

When the Power of Love overcomes the Love of Power, There Will Be Peace. – Jimi Hendrix

The Cause of War

Wars start when one nation moves into the territory of another; depressions occur when markets take unexpected downturns; inflations occur when prices are driven up by shortages; revolutions start when the people, always spontaneously, rise up to overthrow the existing government.

These are the traditional explanations of historical events. Events happen by accident; there do not seem to be any causes.

Facebook Microphone Update To Store Data: Social Media Giant Confirms New Feature Will Aggregate Information

On the same day that Facebook touted sweeping new efforts to protect users’ privacy, the company confirmed that it plans to save data captured by smartphone microphones, potentially enabling the social media giant to listen in on private conversations. 

In a press release issued Wednesday, Facebook announced a forthcoming app update in which a new feature uses the phone's microphone to capture sounds in the user's environment, then identifies the song, movie or television show the user is watching based on what it hears. Once the sound is ID'd, users have the option to share it as a visual component of their posts.

Why Psychopaths Are More Successful

Andy McNab and Oxford psychology professor Kevin Dutton reveal how acting like psychopaths could help us in work, life and love
Behaving like a psychopath could help you in your career and love life. It’s counterintuitive – who, after all, would hire Hannibal Lecter or want to date Norman Bates – but that’s the idea behind The Good Psychopath’s Guide to Success, part popular science book, part self-help guide from Andy McNab and Oxford psychology professor Kevin Dutton.

“I wanted to debunk the myth that all psychopaths are bad,” says Dutton, who has explored this subject before. “I’d done research with the special forces, with surgeons, with top hedge fund managers and barristers. Almost all of them had psychopathic traits, but they’d harnessed them in ways to make them better at what they do.”

Flight 370: ‘There Is Not A Trace Of Evidence The Plane Has Crashed!

"There Is Ample Evidence There’s a Cover-up"

Paranoia: Bilderberg Security Blocks Out Hotel Windows, Erects Police State Apparatus

Bilderberg minions are using taxpayer funds to erect fences and steel barricades in efforts to keep what happens at Bilderberg inside the Marriott Hotel in Copenhagen.

Infowars reporters are onsite to document the over-the-top paranoid reaction greeting journalists who dare venture to Denmark to report on what the real power brokers are scheming behind closed doors.

In the video below, one security officer can be seen putting an extra layer of reflective coating on a window to prevent curious onlookers from peering in


Thursday, May 29, 2014

Death Toll of Marijuana Overdose Still Sits at Zero, Alcohol Related Deaths Occur 360 Times Per Hour.

Natural health advocates and truth-seekers often question the reasoning of prohibiting medicinal plants (like Cannabis), while other drugs – like pharmaceuticals and alcohol – are still legal. Late research only confirms this conundrum, and raises awareness as to why change is very much needed.

After a night at work, to enhance celebration, or to forget one’s woes, alcohol is a liquid commonly reached for by 34% of the population on a daily basis. A beer here, a glass of wine there, it’s a substance that is often drunk without second thought – but it’s long-term implications are not so easily forgotten. While consuming alcohol is socially acceptable, the number of deaths that accompany uninhibited drinking are not as easily swallowed.

We're ALL "Conspiracy Theorists" Now Apparently

We are now "conspiracy theorists"...all of us.

Are people who think 9/11 was an inside job suffering from pathological delusions?

That is what the mainstream media tell us. But a recent study published in Frontiers of Psychology suggests the contrary. It found that 29 of 30 research subjects - 97% of the sample - turned out to be "9/11 conspiracy theorists." And it concluded that questioning the official version of 9/11, and constructing an alternative explanation, is a sign of psychological health.

Rising Cost of Living, Abbott Gov to Reduce Minimum Wage

Yes you read the title correctly. That’s exactly what the Abbott Governments Commission of Audit is recommending among other drastic measures to end Australia’s apparent terrible economic hardship and bring the budget back into line.

In a recent article published on, the Commission of Audit has stated that the reduction in the minimum wage is to be carried out over a 10 year period and to be done by keeping it one percentage point behind inflation.

Australia ‘Fully In Bed’ With U.S. Drone Strikes Against It’s Own Citizens

Texas Man Faces Life in Prison For Pot Brownies

VA Leaves Deceased Veterans to Rot in Morgue

For the past few weeks, the Obama administration has been the focus of attention as allegations of widespread corruption within the Department of Veterans Affairs continue to surface.

All across the United States, employees in VA hospitals are accused of cooking the books and altering medical records to make the hospitals appear to be better than they actually were. Meanwhile, our military veterans were forced to languish in endless waiting lists, many of whom died while waiting to see a doctor for the first time.

Bilderberg Agenda Revealed: Elite Desperate to Re-Cue Unipolar World

The 2014 Bilderberg meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark is taking place amidst a climate of panic for many of the 120 globalists set to attend the secretive confab, with Russia’s intransigence on the crisis in Ukraine and the anti-EU revolution sweeping Europe posing a serious threat to the unipolar world order Bilderberg spent over 60 years helping to build.  Inside sources confirm to Infowars that the elite conference, which will take place from Thursday onwards at the five star Marriott Hotel, will center around how to derail a global political awakening that threatens to hinder Bilderberg’s long standing agenda to centralize power into a one world political federation, a goal set to be advanced with the passage of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), which will undoubtedly be a central topic of discussion at this year’s meeting.

CNN Thinks Michelle Obama Can Sign Bills Into Law

Five Million British children 'Sentenced to Life of Poverty Thanks to Welfare Reforms'

Five million children in Britain could be “sentenced to a lifetime of poverty” by 2020 because of welfare reforms, according to research from Save the Children.  Cuts to benefits, the rising cost of living and years of flat wages have created a “triple whammy” for children, the charity said. It argues that children have borne the brunt of the recession in Britain, and now represent the “face of poverty” in the UK.

Policies such as the “bedroom tax” combined with the slashing of tax credits and council tax relief mean “the social safety net no longer acts as a sufficient backstop for poor families”, claims the Save the Children report.  Soaring food prices and childcare costs have also hit families, with the cost of food rising by 19 per cent when compared with other goods between 2007 and 2011. A nursery place for a child under two cost 77 per cent more last year than it did a decade ago.

Mind Control

The number of methods of mind control has proliferated as funding for research has expanded.  Here, I want to consider what could be called thought substitution, one ongoing facet of this research.  My conclusions on this subject come from accounts of modern mind control research, which utilise forms of signal-broadcasting aimed at the brain.  More importantly, I'm drawing on my observation of the differences among people, when it comes to their awareness of their own thoughts and emotions.  

First of all, we need to make the distinction between passive and active people. Passive people are either sedentary or going through the motions in life. They are easily controllable, and it doesn't take sophisticated electronic measures to do the job. 

Shadow Economy Thriving in Developing Countries

Editor's Note: The shadow economy is up to 80% of economic activity in developing countries a new report says. Entrepreneurs are concerned about "quality of political and economic institutions" as authorities seek to "formalize" them. Bringing them into the formal economy will somehow protect them against "corrupt government officials", the report below suggests.

There are large numbers of entrepreneurs in developing countries who aren't registering their businesses with official authorities, hampering economic growth, according to new research. Shadow entrepreneurs are individuals who manage a business that sells legitimate goods and services but they do not register it. This means that they do not pay tax, operating in a shadow economy where business activities are performed outside the reach of government authorities. The shadow economy results in loss of tax revenue, unfair competition to registered businesses and also poor productivity – factors which hinder economic development. As these businesses are not registered it takes them beyond the reach of the law and makes shadow economy entrepreneurs vulnerable to corrupt government officials.

8 Uncommon Lessons: Preparing for an Apocalypse

Four years ago, mentioning that you were a “Prepper” evoked quizzical looks of confusion. What the heck was that? As you tried to explain, you could see eyes start to glaze over and an invisible tin foil hat being placed upon you head. The lesson learned? Keep your mouth shut lest you be forever classified as a nut job of the highest order.  Of course back in the day – if you can call 2010 the day – there was concern that 2012 would represent the end of days. This was based upon the notion that on 12-21-2012, the Mayan calendar ended presumably because the planet Earth would be ravaged by a smorgasbord of cataclysmic astronomical events. Thus started an entire industry best labeled “Doomsday”.

Activist Mums Confront EPA About Roundup Herbicide

Roundup is Monsanto’s best-selling herbicide product, and it contains a toxic ingredient known as glyphosate. It is widely known that glyphosate is profoundly damaging to human health. Two major peer-reviewed studies showed links to breast cancer cell proliferation and intestinal and gut damage, which can lead to diseases such as diabetes, gastrointestinal disorders, heart disease, obesity, autism, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.  Research conducted in 2010 suggests that glyphosate may be linked to birth defects.

Friday, May 23, 2014

From Feminism to Fascism

Truth Researcher & Activist

"Ex-statist, shopping addict & obedient consumer cog.
Current rogue for non-violence, love & freedom in a world strangled by governments that violate all three".
- Carey Wedler

Carey Wedler- Intelligent & Articulate as Ever

Cracking “Conspiracy Theory’s” Psycholinguistic Code

A new crusade appears to be underway to target independent research and analysis available via alternative news media. This March saw the release of “cognitive infiltration” advocate Cass Sunstein’s new book, Conspiracy Theories and Other Dangerous Ideas. In April, the confirmed federal intelligence-gathering arm, Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), released a new report, “Agenda 21: The UN, Sustainability, and Right Wing Conspiracy Theory.” Most recently,Newsweek magazine carried a cover story, titled, “The Plots to Destroy America: Conspiracy Theories Are a Clear and Present Danger.”

As its discourse suggests, this propaganda campaign is using the now familiar “conspiracy theory” label, as outlined in Central Intelligence Agency Document 1035-960, the 1967 memo laying out a strategy for CIA “media assets” to counter criticism of the Warren Commission and attack independent investigators of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination. At that time the targets included attorney Mark Lane and New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison, who were routinely defamed and lampooned in major US news outlets.

Skygate 911 - Full Film

Genetic Engineers Agree: GMOs Neither Safe Nor Necessary

Two years ago, a free report was published by the following genetic engineers and one researcher (respectively): Dr. John Fagan, Dr. Michael Antoniou and Claire Robinson. GMO Myths and Truths delved deep into the available research about the bigger picture of genetic modification.

It showed why consumer concern over the health and environmental effects of consuming GMOs were not the result of ignorant activist-stoked wrath. Perhaps more importantly, it showed that it was never correct to say the entire society of science backed this rogue corporate creation. Furthermore, it annihilates the myth that genetic modification is the only way to feed the world.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Wireless Microchip Implants Set For Human Trials

Once again, it seems that yesterday's conspiracy theory is today's news. However, the signposts have been there all along. Microchip implants to track pets and livestock and the elderly are now widely available, while microchipping kids is not far off. Extensive animal testing has been conducted on monkeys to enable them to control devices via brain-computer interface. Edible "smart pill" microchips have been embraced as a way to correctly monitor patient dosages and vital signs.

Video Shows Unprovoked Killing of Palestinian Boys by Israeli Forces

This shocking video shows the unprovoked, cold-blooded killings of two Palestinian teenagers, 17-year-old Nadim Siam Nuwara, and 16-year-old Muhammad Mahmoud Odeh Abu al-Thahir on 15 May near Ofer military prison in the occupied West Bank city of Beitunia.


Newsgroups promise invasion is not "Russians" or "New World Order."

U.S. Special Forces and commandos from 16 foreign nations practiced “invading” Tampa, Fl. this week during an unprecedented international training exercise.

Blogger Threatened for Exposing 97% "Consensus" Fraud

In what is nearly a replay of the Climategate e-mail scandal of the University of East Anglia, independent climate blogger Brandon Shollenberger has been threatened with a lawsuit and arrest if he releases data that climate alarmists left online unencrypted showing their claim that 97.1 percent of climate scientists “endorsed the consensus position that humans are causing global warming” is false — and a huge fabrication. The lawsuit threat is the latest development in a drama that began a little over a year ago, when Shollenberger scooped the global establishment media and the world scientific community to expose one of the biggest science frauds of all time.

Markings Across The Globe "Maybe From Aliens" Says NASA

"For all intents and purposes, they might have been made by aliens"

Ancient rock carvings found across the globe were made by human civilisations, long ago, right?
Well...perhaps not. No less an authority than NASA have suggested they could have been made by aliens, as a test. The space agency has released a new book (WHICH YOU CAN READ IN FULL HERE) on the subject of alien communications, and as you'd hope it tackles some of the more profound and complicated issues facing humanity.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Brochures Cleverly Designed to Mirror Official PamphletsSide-by-side comparison of brochures /
A group of activists plan to distribute information-packed pamphlets geared to destroy the US government’s official narrative of how the events of September 11, 2001 unfolded, and they're headed to the crime scene to hand them out.

Naive visitors to the National September 11 Memorial Museum in Lower Manhattan, currently unaware of the corruption that allowed the attacks to take place, and the subsequent controlled demolitions which turned three towering skyscrapers into heaps of metal and rubble, will earn a crash course in 9/11 truth thanks to the efforts of activists with Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth.

Michelle Obama To School Kids: Monitor Your Parents For Thoughtcrimes

George Orwell's Prediction of a "Thought Police" Future Becoming Real-
There can be no aspect of your daily life that’s removed from politics. Now you will be monitored by your own children for expressing unapproved opinions. You'd better watch what you say at the dinner table, Mom and Dad.

3 Yr Old Remembers Past Life, Identifies Murderer, Location of Body & Murder Weapon

A 3-year-old boy in the Golan Heights region near the border of Syria and Israel said he was murdered with an axe in his previous life. He showed village elders where the murderer buried his body, and sure enough they found a man’s skeleton there. He also showed the elders where the murder weapon was found, and upon digging, they did indeed find an axe there.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Ban on Terminator Robots Postponed at UN Convention

Ethics is very often the final concern of science, especially where military endeavors are concerned.
Drones and robots are finally becoming front page news after a series of warnings from prominent scientists and researchers who are beginning to see some of the darker side to what is being unleashed upon humanity.
These warnings led to the U.S. military itself to seek out more information about creating moral, ethical robots that could thwart any potential for runaway assassin robots within their ranks.

Comments Back Up After Hack

Comments are now finally back up and running Ladies & Gents. Sorry about the long wait, we got hacked again early Friday morning which was blocking all comments. The issue appears to be all sorted now :-)  We apologise for any inconvenience.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Harvard University Will Host Satanic Mass on Monday 12th May

A Satanic Black Mass reenactment is scheduled to take place at the Queen’s Head Pub in Memorial Hall at Harvard University on May 12, with the Mass performed by The Satanic Temple, which is being hosted for the event by the Harvard Extension Cultural Studies Club.

A non-consecrated communion host will be used in the reenactment, according to Lucien Greaves, spokesman for The Satanic Temple.

“While Black Masses are supposed to utilize a consecrated host, ours is merely representative of a consecrated host,” Greaves told “It is not consecrated. We neither believe in nor invoke the supernatural.”

Friday, May 9, 2014

Psychopaths in Charge – Maybe They're Not Human

Today I would like to return your awareness to an aspect of the Human condition that condones violence under certain circumstances. To this end, we find ourselves going along with the most egregious of things, not least of which is war. Here we find not only a consensus of opinion— but an accepted truth. People kill people. That’s what we do. People have been killing each other over borders, religion, ideology, politics and resources as far back as history will take us. It’s a given that we may continue on this maniacal cycle of war, truce and temporary peace until our time on this planet is through. It’s in our nature, so it is our course and therefore our destiny! —Or is it?

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Coke & Pepsi Replace One Toxic Chemical with Another: Sucrose Acetate Isobutyrate

Coca-Cola and Pepsico have both announced they are removing Brominated Vegetable Oil (BVO) from their beverage products following a sustained social media campaign that protested the practice. Brominated vegetable oil is a flame retardant, and it's usually made from genetically modified corn or soy derivatives bonded with a bromine atom.

All bromines are endocrine disruptors, just like fluoride and chlorine (they're all in the same column on the Table of Toxic Elements). They can also interfere with iodine absorption by the thyroid, breast tissue and prostate tissue, causing nutritional deficiencies which can promote cancer.

9 Yr Old Girl Handcuffed by Police at School- Taken to Police Station

Portland police Officer David McCarthy and Officer Matthew Huspek, who are assigned to a special police detail at New Columbia, placed a 9-year-old girl in handcuffs and took her to police headquarters in downtown Portland to be fingerprinted and photographed in connection with an alleged assault against another girl at a local youth club, according to their police reports. (Portland Police Bureau)

Two uniformed Portland police officers have showed up at the home of a 9-year-old girl, questioned her on the front porch about a fight at a youth club six days earlier, then handcuffed her as she stood in a blue-and-white bathing suit.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Travel- More Affordable Than Uni & Learn More.

Forget University. Instead, travel with your kids and get them on an around-the-world plane ticket and watch them excel above their peers in terms of understanding.

People think it costs a lot of money to take this route and is very difficult, which is funny, considering that University is interestingly a lot  more expensive and student loans are the most difficult part of all, loitering in a person's debt background for most of their lives usually...
Becoming an indentured & fully indoctrinated servant of the slavery system (The Money Scam) does not come at low cost.

Malcolm Fraser warns Australia risks war with China

Malcom Fraser Talks About the Government Lies Regarding Australia's Involvement in Wars

Australia risks being pulled into a disastrous war against China because successive Australian governments have surrendered the nation's strategic independence to Washington, former Liberal prime minister Malcolm Fraser has warned.

With tensions rising in the East China Sea between China and Japan, Mr Fraser said there was a real danger of conflict and that he had become "very uneasy" at the level of Australia's compliance with the US's strategic interests.

Monday, May 5, 2014

New Studie-Young Blood Reverses Effects of Aging when put in Older Mice

An old mouse, left, and a young mouse together. A recent study suggests that young blood rejuvenates the brain.

The rodent fountain of youth may not be filled with water, but with blood. A trio of new studies has discovered that the blood of young mice appears to reverse some of the effects of aging when put into the circulatory systems of elderly mice.

After combining the blood circulations of two mice by conjoining them — one old, the other young — researchers found dramatic improvements in the older mouse’s muscle and brain. After four weeks, stem cells in both those areas got a boost of activity and were better able to produce neurons and muscle tissue.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

BBS Busted for Subliminal Brainwashing at Wimbledon

Can you spot the toxic forced mass Vaccination spray in the sky (aka: Chemtrails)? 

The BBC are clearly complicit with the 'hidden in plain sight' Chemtrail agenda, in an attempt to normalise the forced practice of mass population vaccination which was set to take place in Australia this year. They do not cover it in their news, they speak occasionally of Geoengineering as if it is a matter that may be needed in the future, but they bombard you with their images of it constantly and especially within children's programmes and films. Question why that would be.

Audio Surveillance Coming to Australian Streets- by AT&T

Not happy about big corporations collecting your phone records, text messages, and web activity and selling (or giving) it to the NSA for it's Australasian spying activities?

AT&T has partnered with SST to provide law enforcement and other government agencies real-time acoustic surveillance of our city streets.

ALERT- Deadly MERS Virus Infection Has Reached U.S. Soil

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has confirmed the first case of the deadly MERS virus in the United States.

AZFamily reports:

Middle East respiratory syndrome — or MERS — first surfaced two years ago. Since then, at least 400 cases of the respiratory illness have been reported, and more than 100 people have died.

Sober driver arrested in US for drunk driving after cop runs stop sign & crashes into her car

Tanya Weyker of Milwaukee, Wisconsin has been fighting for over a year to clear her name and get her medical bills paid following a serious car accident with a Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Deputy. 

WITI Fox6 investigated Weyker’s story in depth and reported about her ongoing struggle. It all started on the night of February 20, 2013, when Deputy Joseph Quiles, with the airport division of the Sheriff’s Office, T-boned Weyker’s Camry, sending it spinning into a tree. It would be discovered later that Weyker broke her neck in four places. She told the station, “It was a miracle I wasn't paralyzed.” 

Forgotten Homeless: Awareness, Compassion, Dignity

The US is as great as its commitment to respecting the dignity of each person, especially the poor. All human beings must be celebrated and we must always see beyond the superficial externals of social status, humbly understanding we are all the human family.

Whenever a human being is ostracized, distressed, or impoverished, a nation must respond with moral courage, compassion, and resolve. When the poor are a burden, an inconvenience, or an annoyance—or treated with a discriminatory indignation for their hardship—the nation is on the wrong path and must be reawakened.

British Aid Money Used for Gated Communities & Shopping Malls

CDC development fund insists projects will create jobs in poor countries but NGOs accuse government of helping big business

CDC’s investments include the Protea Ikeja hotel in Lagos & Nigeria. Rooms start at $400.

Millions of pounds of British aid money to tackle poverty overseas has been invested in builders of gated communities, shopping centres and luxury property in poor countries, the Guardian can reveal. In a 'rich getting richer and poor getting poorer' style of a scheme.

1500 Year Old Bible Says Jesus Was Not Crucified- Vatican In Awe

Much to the dismay of the Vatican, an approx. 1500-2000 year old bible was found in Turkey, in the Ethnography Museum of Ankara.

Discovered and kept secret in the year 2000, the book contains the Gospel of Barnabas – a disciple of Christ – which shows that Jesus was not crucified, nor was he the son of God, but a Prophet. The book also calls Apostle Paul “The Impostor”. The book also claims that Jesus ascended to heaven alive, and that Judas Iscariot was crucified in his place.

Taxpayers Paying for Buswell’s Lavish Life

"Surely, you don't think that we pigs actually enjoy drinking all of the milk and eating all of the apples; it's for your own benefit that we do such things" 
-George Orwell, Animal Farm 1945

TROY Buswell and his chief-of-staff were living it large on a taxpayer-funded credit card, escaping to the French countryside during a “fact finding” light rail mission — at the same time that WA lost its prestigious AAA credit rating.

Credit card documents, obtained under Freedom of Information laws, show that the fallen Treasurer and Rachael Turnseck racked up almost $14,000 on hotels, meals, laundry and airport transfers during the two-week trip in August-September last year, which included time in Asia.

New Satanic Statue Being Built in US Statehouse

"Praise be to Satan"... The Kiddies will Love it.

In January the Satanic Temple announced plans to erect a monument glorifying the Dark Lord on the front lawn of the Oklahoma State House. An Indiegogo campaign was launched with what seemed like a somewhat lofty goal of $20,000, but by the time donations ended almost $30,000 had been raised. Now an artist trained in classical sculpture is toiling away in New York, crafting a Baphomet figure sitting beneath an inverted pentagram and flanked by two children gazing upward in loyalty. When it is finished, it will be cast in bronze and, the Satanists hope, eventually displayed in Oklahoma.

16 Signs You’re a Slave to the Matrix

Today’s world is a strange place. We are inundated with signals from early on in life, encouraging each of us to walk a particular path, establishing blinders on us along the way to discourage us from looking for alternatives to what the herd is doing or thinking. Life is so complex that over time, if we are paying attention, we realize that there are an infinite number of possibilities to what the human experience could be, and we come to see that the world is on fire because individuals all too infrequently question why things are the way they are, failing to notice that their mindset or behavior needs adjustment in favor of more intelligent, commonsensical, or sustainable patterns of existence.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

United Nations Plan To Seize The Internet

Much has been made about the Obama administration’s plan to willingly forfeit control of the organization (ICANN) that administers the Internet. It is fueling justifiable concerns that the United Nations will be controlling the Internet. Thanks to some creative, home-grown journalism, it now appears that these claims by Fox News are indeed true. 

What most of us have heard is that Obama has handed off control of the Internet to the United Nations, and the alternative media will soon become extinct because it will be regulated out of existence. It turns out that this is true and the massive nature of the conspiracy designed for corporations to seize control of the Internet (along with everything else) is also true. 

In the paragraphs below, the investigative exploits of an obscure researcher reveal the depth of this conspiracy...

Friday, May 2, 2014

Gov Web Bots to Criminalize Thoughts

With the capability to intercept every digital communication sent over the internet or telephone it’s no surprise that Big Brother is pushing to further expand its role in the lives of Americans.Senator Ed Markey (D-MA) is proposing a new bill that would send government web bots across the internet looking for hate speech or material allegedly determined to be advocating or encouraging “violent acts.” 

Once identified, the Congressman wants reports to be disseminated to Congress so that they can monitor, control and potentially criminalize thoughts and expressions deemed by an unknown panel of government bureaucrats to be hateful.