Sunday, May 4, 2014

Audio Surveillance Coming to Australian Streets- by AT&T

Not happy about big corporations collecting your phone records, text messages, and web activity and selling (or giving) it to the NSA for it's Australasian spying activities?

AT&T has partnered with SST to provide law enforcement and other government agencies real-time acoustic surveillance of our city streets.

The ShotSpotter technology detects gunfire from its many sensors all over town and will triangulate and transmit this information to local police, or any other agency subscribed to the service.

'ShotSpotter solutions are based on proven, reliable and cost-effective wide-area acoustic surveillance technologies that deliver unrivalled accuracy and detail.'

AT&T has been attacking our privacy for quite some time (see the links above). Their "My Digital Life" solution is another attack that aims to get us used to surveillance in our own homes! Now we are under audio surveillance on the streets. With all of the cameras watching us, and our phones tracking our every movement, there is no fear that Big Brother may be coming soon, it's already here!

Even if a person were to go full (Neo) Luddite, there is still no way to be anonymous, or have any privacy at all. It's over for now, just most of us don't know we've lost the fight for privacy.


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  1. next up: cameras and audio recording in your toilet bowl, recording every fart and dump you take


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