Saturday, May 31, 2014

EXPOSED, Liberal Government's Crimes Against Humanity

WARNING: The following documentary contains various themes which some individuals may find disturbing. The following production exposes factual evidence regarding the Liberal Government's (Howard era & Present) involvement in genocidal Crimes Against Humanity.  Although we do understand that by publishing this information we may upset some people, particularly those with strong political viewpoints, we believe that this information must be published for the greater good of humanity; as it is the truth, and the crimes contained within this documentary are still continuing to this very day.

This controversial documentary film by acclaimed filmmaker John Pilger draws on his long association with Indigenous Australians. Utopia is Pilger’s investigation into Australia's colonial past and wealthy present. It sets out to break the stereotypes of the first people of Australia. Pilger travels to Darwin, then to Western Australia and to the outback of New South Wales, where he explores the high rate of Indigenous people imprisoned, the low average life expectancy, and the prevalence of preventable diseases and malnutrition among indigenous communities. Utopia is both a personal journey and a universal story of power and resistance, of how modern societies can be divided between those who conform and the dystopian world of those who do not. (An Australian Production).

Utopia, John Pilger, SBS Television Australia

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  1. Scream it from the top of the big red rock.. good 1


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