Saturday, June 14, 2014

Fight The New World Order with Global Non Compliance

The money system is the head of the snake. Cut the head off the snake and the rest of it will whither and die. There need be No violence, no guns, no banners, no slogans, no group think, just a united act of global non compliance.

Remember that it is much easier to fight for principles than to live up to them and it takes a far braver person to stand up for what is right and spit in the face of authority than it does to blindly follow orders due to fear of the consequences. Understand that we are all one, and the key to real change in this world lies within love and unity.

It is time for the people of the world to stop and realise that the divisions that supposedly exist among us are an illusion. There IS NO division and it's time for everyone to understand the truth of this.

It is through the constantly promoted illusion of division that the system is able to function, but in order for it to do so, it needs public compliance.

Stop complying with it and you will shut it down.

Its time for us all to collectively stand together and address the root cause of the problem" - Max Igan

Australian MP Whistle-Blower Exposes Agenda 21:

14 things YOU can do right now to stop complying with & contributing towards the New World Order:

1. Turn off and/or throw away your T.V

2. Think for yourself, question the validity of everything

3. Question all so-called ‘Authority’

4. Get out, and/or stay out, of debt!

5. Use cash, trade or barter as much as possible, rather than debit card/credit cards

6. Get rid of grocery store ‘discount’ cards –grocery stores provide this information to insurance companies, banks and marketing firms (yes, even if the terms & conditions state that they won't)

7. Bank at an independent Credit Union, or any alternative to the ‘TBTF’ Banks, that participated in the 2008 Banker Bailout

8. Start your own garden, grow your own food

9. Wake people up. Inform people, with videos, flyers, documentaries, in general conversation

10. Watch, download and share Fall of the Republic – Architecture of the New World Order (2009) documentary

11. Watch. download and share End Game (2009) & Wake Up Call (2009) documentaries

12. Watch, download and share Homeland Insecurity, Rise of the Global Police State

13. Catch public transport as much as possible instead of using your motor vehicle, better yet- walk, run or use a push bike if practical

14. Refuse to play the 'division of religion' game. An invitation for you to enter into an argument about religion does not mean that you have to accept it. If someone wishes to argue with you about the supposed 'rights or wrongs' of religious beliefs or practices, simply walk away or politely change the subject if practical to do so. Religious division (or the illusion of) is one of the main tools that the elites (i.e the bankers, politicians, shadow government, mainstream media etc) use to divide and conquer nations, destroy societies and crush communities with their infliction of pointless wars that profit and benefit only themselves. They use the mainstream media as their primary delivery system for religious division (e.g. islamic terror, violent black people, middle eastern suicide bombers, fear propaganda etc.). Religious preference is probably one the most, if not THE MOST ridiculous and immature arguments a person can partake in, as it is an argument that can not and will not EVER be resolved. It is an argument that is neither here nor there, so simply refuse to sink to this level (which is exactly what the elites want; for us to all be fighting in conflict so they can impose more laws which means that they make more money). This is not to say that discussing religion in a civil manner is wrong, however it is implying that holding a view of another's viewpoint or beliefs being less morally superior than your own is a rather narcissistic viewpoint and quite honestly, a type of sociopathic behavior.  So don't partake in it. Just let it go.

15. Limit (or eliminate if possible) your wireless internet usage, and your cell phone usage. Use internet that plugs into your wall through your land-line. This provides you with a faster, more stable connection and completely eliminates the harmful effects of EMF microwave radiation (Watch this short video about EMF mobile phone/WiFi radiation)

All of these videos have been created by independent researchers and are available for download, copy & distribution for free.

No money may ever be made from any of the above mentioned videos in any way, shape or form as instructed by their creators. They are available for free, to copy, distribute and to share at will.

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