Wednesday, June 11, 2014

MH370 Families To Raise $5 Million For Missing Flight Whistleblower

Following the missing flight of MH370, families of those who were aboard have announced a reward regarding information on the incident, hoping to encourage any potential whistle-blowers to speak up. They are currently trying to raise $5 million dollars to incentive someone to talk out.

People can donate to the cause through the crowd funding site Indiegogo. Contact with the jet was lost on the 8th March, the flight was destined to Beijing with 239 passengers aboard. The encouragement to entice whistle-blowers to share information is on the belief that there are agencies involved that are covering up what happened to the flight.

"The official investigation being run by governments and agencies has failed to find the plane, due to either incompetence or obfuscation. We must work together to ensure the truth is found. 

On behalf of the 3.1 billion people who fly every year we must find the truth and bring those accountable to justice. We must also prevent this from ever happening again."

says Sarah Bajc, Partner of Philip Wood, Seat 11C on MH370

The search has been suspended for two months, while more specialized equipment and resources can be obtained. In the meantime there is a Chinese ship maintaining the search. The flight has initiated one of the largest international search efforts it recent memory and has so far given up no concrete information, which in itself has become the target of conspiracy theories.

The families have written:
"Malaysian Prime Minister said on 24 March 2014 that the flight ended in the middle of the Southern Indian Ocean, thousands of miles off course and in one of the most remote parts of the planet. He stated definitively that all souls on board were lost. 

"Months of searching have not produced a single bit of proof to back up his claims. There has not been even a shred of wreckage found in the water, on nearby or distant shores, or in fishing nets. 

"Signals reportedly similar to those emitted by the black boxes were heard in the search area but again nothing has been found and these pings ended soon after their discovery. We have subsequently learned that the pings were not those of an airplane after all.

"Each day adds more cost and frustration for the search teams, and more confusion and heart break for the families. It is estimated that the cost of this fruitless search so far is in excess of $100,000,000." 

Below you can watch the crowd funding campaign video, or visit the campaign here .

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