Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Why It Has Now Become Essential To Turn OFF The Comment Sections & 'Like' Buttons

This video explains why I believe that turning off the comment section / 'Like' button on Facebook, YouTube or any social media site is important. This is now crucial in order to tell the truth, and to keep your sanity by avoiding unnecessary conflict with morons.

I believe it's best to turn off comment boards and back off of social media in general. This is just my personal opinion and I do see the other side of course. I don't mind at all if you don't agree. But this is an unrepresented and often ignored side of the equation, and I also explain the energetic and esoteric roots behind this opinion. 

I see detaching oneself from society and the opinions of others necessary for telling the dark truths that require courage and enlightenment. It's not easy to talk about esoteric issues these days. Group think and the growing hive mind mentality are programmed to rail against it, calling people crazy when all they are doing is informing the public because of moral obligation. 

The same way an artist must internally detach themselves from the opinion of fans and critics while they are creating their art, I believe the same rule applies when creating documentary shorts that delve into uncovering uncomfortable truths and other controversial topics.

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