Friday, August 15, 2014

Why We Should Choose Creativity Over Conformity

Is conformity really that stable? And even if it is, is potential “stability” worth the suppression of creativity?

We live in a world where conformity is both publicly practiced and accepted to a much higher degree than creativity. A life of conformity is seen as the safe route, the route where we stay out of trouble and are more likely to build a stable and secure life that we can be proud of. But is conformity really that stable? And even if it is, is potential “stability” worth the suppression of creativity? This video and the message that it shares is the perfect reminder as to why we should not be afraid to choose a life of creativity.

The video itself is one of many created and released by Jason Silva as part of a project entitled ‘Shots of Awe‘ which is designed to feature a number of interviews and thoughts on topics such as the current state of the human condition. This video itself effectively focuses on an issue that so many of us seem to face, the battle between embracing our creativity or succumbing to the pull of conformity.

As Jason states in the video, the ultimate way to overcome the battle is through willingly taking the plunge into creativity. To cast aside the fears, the doubts and the criticisms that we both create for ourselves and have others create for us. Those which we create only hold as much power as we give them, and those which others cast upon us only have as much of an impact as we allow them to.

“There is no one map for how to live our lives. Reality is just a word and you’re not supposed to use it without quotation marks around it anyways.” – Jason Silva, quoting Joseph Campbell

There is no time like the present moment to embrace the creativity within you, as Jim Carrey reminds us in a recent commencement speech, even that which seems practical can be unpredictable, so why limit ourselves from chasing a so-called “impractical” dream.

We need to remember that the “societal norm” is nothing more than a conceptual framework. It is not the be all and end all, we have the freedom to step outside of it at any time. Let this video inspire you to take a look at your own life. See where you sit on the conformity versus creativity spectrum and make a decision as to whether or not you are truly comfortable with your stance.

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