Thursday, September 25, 2014

Step By Step: How To Stop Facebook From Collecting Your Browsing History

A couple of weeks ago, the social media giant Facebook announced that in order to serve us with targeted ads – it will starting using our data that it collects from apps. It actually means that Facebook will now use your browsing history to earn money and benefit its advertisers.

Today, we are going to help you with how to stop Facebook from using your browser history, but this won’t entirely stop Facebook from saving your data but at least partially. 

Note: If you are using any kind of ad blocking software, you will have to disable it to perform this procedure.


1. To avoid your data being shared you will have to visit the Digital Advertising Alliance here and let them know that you don’t want Facebook to share your data.

2. Once you are here just scroll down the list and look for Facebook. Now check the box in front of Facebook and the box in front of any other site you want to stop collecting your data and click ‘Submit your choice’.  You can select all of the advertising companies in the list if you wish not to be snooped upon at all, or simply select the ones you don't want storing all your personal info.

3. You will see a message stating that your request has been completed for this browser.

Stopping Facebook Collecting Data On Mobile Device:

Users have shifted from desktops to mobile devices and for those users we will explain how to stop Facebook or any other site from saving your browsing history. 

For IOS (Apple) Devices: 

Open settings and go to General>Restrictions>Advertising (under the “Privacy” section). Flip the switch for Limit Ad Tracking, and you’re all set.

For Android Devices: 

Now if you’re using Android, go to Google Settings>Ads>Opt Out of Interest-Based Ads and browse with peace of mind.

You can now browse securely without giving away your personal information :-)

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