Saturday, November 8, 2014

GMO's and the Depopulation Agenda

Max Igan's YouTube channel has been restricted to 15 minute uploads only due to him daring to have an opinion about Israeli war crimes. Remember, "you are free to think and say whatever you please", as long as it's not about Israel's crimes against humanity or it's involvement with ISIS. All of Max's talks and full programs can be downloaded directly through

Should fall prey to Government Internet Censorship, the site may be reached via the IP: 
it is recommended that you bookmark or write down this IP address for when the powers that be begin shutting down individual sites that oppose Israeli war crimes or crimes committed by bankers, CEO's & politicians

For the technologically challenged: Just copy and paste the IP's 9 digits ( into the search section of your internet search engine and the site will come up.  If you have any issues with reaching any web sites through Google, Yahoo or Safari (all renowned for oppression) try using the following search engines that do not track or collect your personal information or monitor the pages you visit: DuckDuckGo, StartPage, Gibiru, LookSeek

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