Thursday, January 29, 2015

Ken O'Keefe on RT's CrossTalk Program 'Stupid Wars'

Ex U.S Marine Ken O'Keefe points out the fact that all of the wars we are seeing are not actually failures, they are part of the plans laid out to achieve the goal of 'Greater Israel'. Once again O'Keefe points to the need for the latent American patriots to arrest the traitors in government and beyond who have committed treason by betraying their oath to uphold the US Constitution.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Genetic Programming For The Brave New Utopia

First, read these two quotes from highly regarded academic scientists, to catch the flavor of the genetic revolution. Be prepared for staggering pronouncements. 

From Lee Silver, Princeton, molecular biologist and author of Remaking Eden: 

“The GenRich—who account for ten percent of the American population—[will] all carry synthetic genes. All aspects of the economy, the media, the entertainment industry, and the knowledge industry are controlled by members of the GenRich class… 

Pleasure vs. Pain In The Programmed Society

“In experiments on mice, scientists rewired the circuits of the brain and changed the animals’ bad memories into good ones…The researchers said they were able to do the opposite as well—change a pleasurable memory in mice into one associated with fear.” (Kevin Drum, Mother Jones, 8/27/14)

Global Warming Mounting Weird Comeback In 2015- Agenda 21 Looming

Get ready for another global warming hoax campaign in 2015 designed to convince people that CO2 is the cause of global warming, and that humanity is in trouble unless we do something to control human behavior. When the money starts getting thrown around again and they start planning the concerts to make people feel good, remember they are mind-hunting for believers again. 

Friday, January 23, 2015

Deceased Filmmaker's Documentary Finally Released- Gray State: The Rise

Last week, we reported on the tragic and mysterious death of film producer David Crowley, his wife and young daughter who were all found dead in their Apple Valley, MN home, weeks after the incident took place. Few details have emerged since then. The latest news pieces such as here and here leave more questions than answers. According to the Hennepin County Medical Examiner, all three have been officially identified and died from gunshot wounds to the heads, weeks ago. Even though the deaths were being treated as suspicious and the back sliding door was found ajar, police have labeled it a murder-suicide.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Propaganda Alert: Mayor Of Paris Plans To Sue Fox News For Lying About Muslims

A series of Fox News segments were recently deemed to be inaccurate, and they were widely mocked in French media for being far from the truth, and for inciting hatred towards Muslims.

The news segments suggested that there were parts of Paris and other cities in Europe where "Islamic law was practiced" and police and non-Islamic citizens were "fearful" to go into these areas.

Pope Pushing Depopulation Agenda Of Ted Turner's Georgia Guidestones

With the Vatican increasingly endorsing new "how to live" rules for their followers and society, they have clearly become more political than they've been in a long time. Pay attention.

In the video above, YouTube reporter RedsilverJ explains how the Pope appears to be pushing the agenda that's etched into the mysterious Georgia Guidestones.

Terrorist State Of Israel Bombs Syria Killing Top Iranian General & Top Hezbollah Commande

In yet another brazen attack on national sovereignty and human rights, Israel has once again launched a bombing mission onto Syrian soil in defense of death squads and terrorists that it has been supporting – along with the United States, France, and the UK (NATO) – since the beginning of the Syrian crisis.

Israeli Military Vessel Fires At Palestinian Boats Wounding Fishermen

An Israeli naval patrol has opened fire on Palestinian fishing boats off the coast of the besieged Gaza Strip, wounding at least two Palestinian fishermen.

The Israeli vessel fired at the Palestinian boats sailing off the northern Gaza coast on Wednesday.

The Gaza Health Ministry spokesman, Ashraf al-Qudra, said the injured Palestinian fishermen were taken to a hospital to receive medical treatment.

The Disney Measles Outbreak: A Mousetrap of Ignorance

While the Disney measles outbreak is being blamed on the non-vaccinated, the evidence reveals a failing measles vaccine is behind the outbreak.

The latest stratagem to blame a failing measles vaccine on the non-vaccinated is all over the mainstream media, or should we say the marketing and cheerleading arm of the vaccine industry and the medical-industrial complex.

Israeli Soldier Gives 74 Year Old Palestinian Woman Water Then Shoots Her In The Head

The Face Of Pure Evil, They Prey On The Most Vulnerable: 74-year-old Palestinian woman Ghalya Abu-Rida being given water by Israeli troops so photos can be taken to spread Israeli propaganda, minutes later she was executed.

During the Israeli bombardment and shelling of the Gaza Strip last summer, an Israeli soldier approached a 74-year-old Palestinian woman Ghalya Abu-Rida to give her a sip of water. He gave her the water, took a photo with her and then he shot her in the head from a distance of one metre. He then watched as she bled to death, the Palestine Information Centre[1] reported.

Refugees Facing Police Abuse In France

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Somehow, Through A Series Of Events...

Somehow, through a series of events, you found a way to wake up from the slumber you were once in. Since then you've opened your mind, researched and discovered that this world, this life and this reality are completely different to what you once believed them to be.

This is a gift of course, perhaps you could even call it a ‘spiritual experience’ but it can often feel like a curse, I know. Some of your friends and even your family don't want to listen to you anymore, people call you crazy but as you know the inmates are running the asylum, only to be told “you're wrong” by those who have never even taken a peek at the evidence or the facts. You feel isolated and burdened by the heaviness of this new information. At times no one wants to talk about these issues with you because they think you're being too negative when the truth is that your intention is actually positive, but you can't put the genie back in the bottle and you can't unlearn any of this information. You feel a moral imperative to be a part of the solution but no one seems to want your help. 
They attack the messenger because they simply don't want what you're saying to be true, they cannot deal with the implications, they aren't strong enough just yet.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Why The News Media Sucks

YouTuber The Amazing Atheist breaks down why the news media sucks and who is primarily responsible for the stank in quality. The answer may surprise you and reveal why alternative media has a very difficult time remaining unbiased.

ActivistPost, The Amazing Atheist

Friday, January 9, 2015

The Balancing Act- Agents Of Creation & Entities Of Distortion

The "elite" are actually a virus sucking the life from the real human beings of this world. We must create a new culture, one household at a time; leaving this old paradigm to crumble under it's own weight. 

We must collectively utilise non violent yet non compliant methods of dealing with the Zionist based brainwashing, manipulated history, falsified research and acts of deception by trusting in our own intuition and collective gut feelings.

It Is Our Duty As Human Beings To Ponder & Challenge The 'Official Story' Of Everything

"Skeptic" is often a misnomer for those that try to debunk the truth movement and alternative media. The true Skeptic challenges the official story. 

Much like the tenth man in World War Z, our job is to challenge the status quo in our search for truth and freedom.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Chemtrails- The Silent War You Probably Don't Know About

"This documentary is dedicated to everyone who wants to fight for truth and life on planet Earth. Let’s stand up and defend our rights!" Antonio and Rosario Marciano
It's a difficult pill to swallow, why would any person in their right mind want to destroy human life, or any life for that matter? The truth is that 'Normal people' don't wake up every morning and think to themselves "how can I take over the world today and be the most powerful person on earth?" Well, unfortunately, a very small portion of people do. These people often end up in positions of high authority and/or power. It's their very psychosis which drives their ambitions to achieve complete and total control over every organism on the face of the planet. The motive which drives their ambition is power, under the guise of money and/or capital (which are both illusions). If we can grasp an understanding of how these sociopaths think and operate, we have a very strong chance at stopping them from destroying our entire planet.

Elitist Pedophile Rings & Clinton's Pedophile Budies

New questions have surfaced about Bill Clinton's sexual deviancy as well as a protester crashing a live BBC news broadcast to warn of "institutional pedophile rings".

We look at the multi-national, bi-partisan evil of sex slavery and pedophile rings which are evidently operating globally. From the UK, to Australia, to the UN, from high profile celebrities and social elitists to the United States' CIA, NSA, Republican and Democrat — the evil is pervasive and persistent. The issue that no-one will talk about.

Roundup ''Weedkiller'' Feeds Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria, Study Finds

The nightmarish toxicological profile of Roundup herbicide (glyphosate) continues to emerge within the peer-reviewed research, this time revealing its role in supporting the growth of a pathogenic bacteria of great medical significance.

A concerning new study published in the Brazilian Journal of Microbiology titled, "Influence of glyphosate in planktonic and biofilm growth of Pseudomonas aeruginosa," indicates that the world's most widely used herbicide Roundup (glyphosate) may be contributing to the enhanced growth of the pathogenic bacteria P. aeruginosa in our environment.

Friday, January 2, 2015

1000+ People Killed By US Cops In 2014, FBI Attempts To Falsely Actual Stats

Another year has come to an end, which means another set of Unified Crime Reports (UCR) will be published by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The reports are supposed to be the most authoritative set of data on crime in the US.

As has become the habit with most federal documents, the numbers are cooked. They could have honestly just made them up. In 2013, the FBI reported that there were 461 people killed by cops in the US.

Government's Theater of Puppets & The Mainstream Media

Orchestrating what 'everybody knows' regarding the mainstream media's involvement with the manipulation of information and the spreading of propaganda in the theater of puppets. 

Routers facilitate the ability for mass globalized manipulation and deception from the entire mainstream media industry which effects every aspect of our modern day society. The mainstream media equates to being at the very stem of the shadow government's 'information super highway' of deceptive forces and the 'divide & conquer' mentality.