Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Somehow, Through A Series Of Events...

Somehow, through a series of events, you found a way to wake up from the slumber you were once in. Since then you've opened your mind, researched and discovered that this world, this life and this reality are completely different to what you once believed them to be.

This is a gift of course, perhaps you could even call it a ‘spiritual experience’ but it can often feel like a curse, I know. Some of your friends and even your family don't want to listen to you anymore, people call you crazy but as you know the inmates are running the asylum, only to be told “you're wrong” by those who have never even taken a peek at the evidence or the facts. You feel isolated and burdened by the heaviness of this new information. At times no one wants to talk about these issues with you because they think you're being too negative when the truth is that your intention is actually positive, but you can't put the genie back in the bottle and you can't unlearn any of this information. You feel a moral imperative to be a part of the solution but no one seems to want your help. 
They attack the messenger because they simply don't want what you're saying to be true, they cannot deal with the implications, they aren't strong enough just yet.

I'm here to tell you that I am sorry you had to go through this. I'm sorry that critical thinking, open-mindedness, intuition and your courage to speak has caused you pain. I'm sorry that what you've had to experience has put you through psychological trauma and has at times made you feel isolated and alone. I'm sorry that simple minded ignorant people have used gas lighting and aversion to paint YOU as ‘the crazy one’ when in fact their version of ‘normal’ is my version of ‘hell’. I have a feeling you know what I mean. I'm genuinely proud to be in the same dire predicament as you are, let me be the first one to apologize to you on behalf of the human race, not because it's my fault but because someone needs to. It's not fair and it's not any version of justice that I've ever known.

I hope the frequency I'm sending says even more than the words. Here's the actual truth: you are courageous, you are a moral human being who has the ability to empathize with other people, animals, creatures and the earth itself. No matter what your religion, political party or lack thereof, you listen to your conscience and I thank you for it. You've sacrificed money, friendship, love, social status and have suffered persecution for the simple crime of seeking out the truth in a world absolutely enamored by lies.

We're not just thinking creatures, we’re feeling creatures as well; that as a source of strength though, not a source of weakness. You refuse to conform to any archetype in order to remain a free, sovereign, unique individual, and that you are. Your power is amplified by the struggle not drained by it, you are powerful because this has been so hard.

You're not alone, you are in fact needed. You have an important purpose here, no matter how persuasive the argument to the contrary you do have the ability to make a difference, think of the butterfly effect turning into a mighty wind right now at the turn of the tide. I appreciate so much you stepping up to the challenge and I want to thank you personally for finding a way to contribute toward this benevolent cause against malevolent forces.

No, you cannot single-handedly control the outcome of the struggle but you can control your part of the effort completely.

Once you're on the frequency of the solution you cannot therefore be on the frequency of the problem, that is why no matter how small the act, you are a large part of the play. I'm using my own intuition, but somehow, in some way this message will find its way to you like a message in a bottle randomly cast into a dark turbulent sea. I trust that you feel the same electrical surge called ‘synchronicity’. I am with you and even that by itself means you're not alone.

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