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Australia: Mandatory Vaccines & The Secret Treaty

“There is never a decay of organized religion. When one church falls, another is built. During the 20th century, the new church was Science—in particular, Medical Science. It was constructed to extract the maximum amount of compliance from the population. This is what all orthodox churches do. So in addition to the countless numbers of diagnoses and drugs, there was the element of mind control: ‘Follow our orders. We know the truth and we are giving it you for your own good; we love you and care about you, unless you rebel; then we consign you to Hell.” -(The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

Globalism is the New World Order. There is no mystery about that.

The alliance between mega-corporations, banks, and governments is ever-growing, as they expand their powers over populations.

In this article, I use the example of Australia to illustrate a hidden point that applies to nations all over the world: The medical cartel is “a compliance arm” of the New World Order.

The Principles Being Utilised Here are Simple:
  • The expansion of the degree of citizen-obedience (acceptance of a dictatorship) in one area, then the expansion of citizen-obedience in all areas.
  • The development and implementation of controlled behavioral patterns via brainwashing and emotional manipulation to generate further obedience, merging into the final stages of acceptance (the acceptance of and submission to a totalitarian dictatorship). 
  • This submissive predilection of the masses then extends into the subconscious mind of the individual, who will simply believe that a totalitarian dictatorship is 'normal'.
Globalism and the New World Order require this type obedience, without which it would simply not work. Without the blind cooperation from the masses, the New World Order would be doomed, because the methods and conditions it uses to obtain its facilitation into our lives are so outrageous only robots would fall into line and accept them.

For an example of outrageous lunacy, take the upcoming Globalist treaty, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). When ratified by 12 nations (Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, the United States and Vietnam), it will establish the right of corporations to bypass national courts and demand that their products be sold, without tariffs, without concern for workers who are paid slave wages, without concern for poisoning the environment with toxic chemicals.

This is a secret treaty. In Australia, it will be signed by the cabinet before any supporting legislation is considered.

A Brief Quote from

It [the TPP] has over 20 chapters which include everything from physical labour and the environment, to intellectual property and telecommunications. The negotiations have been kept secret even from our own Parliamentarians and Senators, but from leaked drafts of the TPP text, we know that there is legitimate reason for concern.

Did you catch that last part? Australia’s own elected legislators haven't read the treaty. They're not permitted to read it.  In the US, legislators have only had access to limited sections.

A secret treaty deeply affecting the lives of all people in those 12 countries, and only a chosen few know exactly what’s in it.

From the Globalist point of view, this means one thing: populations must be rendered into a state of unquestioning obedience. They must go along with the program on what amounts to a hypnotic basis.

Otherwise (if awake) they would rebel en masse. This is what any population would do if they were alert.

“You're going to ratify a secret treaty that will put us further under the gun of mega-corporations? Not on your life.”

But there are no massive protests in Australia, or in any of the other 12 TPP countries. Too much Fluoride perhaps?  Is the population so overly medicated that they are simply too docile to care?

The Overall Goal of the Big Pharma Medical Cartel:

To place every person on the planet into a cradle-to-grave system of diagnosing and drugging. To make every person, first and foremost, a medical patient. To thereby condition every person to obey orders.

"The doctor knows.   Don’t question him.  Just do what he tells you to do. Comply. From now until they lower your body into the ground. Take the drugs, and become more debilitated and, therefore, more obedient at a much deeper level.  It's for your own safety and security" this is the foremost system for producing the obedience of the masses all over the world.

We've recently seen the Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, issue a dictum about vaccination.

Former exemptions have been canceled. Families receiving government aid will be cut off from that money if they refuse to vaccinate their children. No more freedom.

Obey or else;  "or else we'll cut off your family benefit payments".  For the powers that be, this is the first stepping stone for the complete justification in switching off your microchip whenever you 'step out of line' making it impossible for you to pay for food, water, electricity, clothing and even shelter due to your non-compliance or 'disobedience' (standing up for your rights).

Unless you've been living in Fred Flintstone's cave for the past millennia, or unless you are as vague as a squashed plumb, you should know by now that microchip implants are being introduced into the general social construct the same way mobile phones were 20 years ago:

The Smartphone Generational Indoctrination Method:
  • First they introduce the new technology by having it appear frequently in Hollywood movies and in TV commercials, this brainwashes the masses slowly, through an entire generation. People then blindly accept the new bizarre, abnormal technological advancement and see it 'perfectly normal'.  Public resistance towards the new technology becomes virtually non-existent and people actually embrace it, despite the fact that they're giving away their rights and liberties to a regime of fascism and totalitarian control.
  • The powers that be promote the new technology as 'cool' and 'sexy', in movies and on TV.  "You're really uncool and boring if you don't have a sexy new microchip implant like J-Lo does" this is the common theme used to sell all of the useless crap we surround ourselves with everyday to delude ourselves that we are 'safe' and 'secure' and that we are somewhat 'normal'.
  • Then, just like with smartphones, people become solely reliant on the new technology for everything in their lives to function normally, so that it virtually becomes impossible to live without it.
  • Then, it's checkmate, game over.  They have you, your soul and everything else. They now own you.
When you can get citizens to obey in one area, there is a spillover to other areas. They become accustomed to a life of surrender. They give in. They go along. They yield on one front, so they yield on another.

It’s no accident that, historically, the one family most responsible for the emergence of modern medicine AND the Globalist agenda is: Rockefeller.

Whatever else it is (and I have covered the details in many articles), the system of modern medicine is a mind-control operation designed to create slavish attachment on the part of the patient.

Attachment to the authority of the doctor and whatever he/she commands.  Attachment to the toxic drugs prescribed.  Attachment to the disease-labels used to diagnose health problems.

In these and other respects, modern medicine is a secular Church, and the doctors are the priests in white coats.  They are everywhere in contemporary societies.  They rule.  They subject the parishioners (patients) to arbitrary fiats.

The result of this long-term conditioning: The patient develops a deep sense of loyalty to authority,  like an habitual tendency which spreads like ink on a blotter. It begins to apply to all areas of life.

Eventually, the governments will say: “Look, we're going to sign a treaty, and you won't know what’s in it. You'll be completely in the dark. But it’s a good thing. It’s for the benefit of all. Don't ask us to disclose the details. Would you ask your doctor to explain, in detail, the pictures he took of your brain? Of course not. It’s beyond you. You're not equipped to understand. Well, in this treaty, which runs thousands of pages, you're not equipped to understand the complex economic details, either. But you can rest secure in your (hypnotic) faith that we're on your side. We want what’s best for you…it's for your safety and security”

There are various terms for this: brain-entrainment, operant conditioning, brainwashing, programming, mind control, neuro linguistic programming etc.

They all refer to the establishment of habitual behavior, unthinking behavior.

The brilliant hypnotherapist, Jack True, once wrote “Nine out of ten of my patients walk through the door already convinced that I’m doing some form of medicine. That’s what they want. They want me to tell them what to do, while they’re awake and while they’re in a trance. They’re looking for another doctor. Our whole civilization is under a white-coat trance. It took me several years to get over my astonishment at this fact. This is mass-hypnosis on a grand scale.”

If you’re on the side of freedom, you need to look at a whole society and figure out where the deepest form of conditioning is coming from. You need to find out where the most successful form of hypnosis is coming from. Because that’s where overall mind-control is strongest. In modern society, it’s doctors. This is why governments ally themselves with doctors. It’s a perfect partnership. Someday, we could see a President or Prime Minister in a white coat with a stethoscope around his/her neck holding a syringe in one hand. They'll be able to convince the masses that the sky is the ground and the stars are traffic lights, and the blind masses will believe these delusions.

On a practical level, we could see secret treaties like the TPP give more global protection to the medical cartel: international exemption from lawsuits against pharmaceutical corporations; exemption from liability stemming from toxic drugs and vaccines; agreements to extend periods of court-ordered lockdowns in psych wards.

The medical cartel and the Globalists walk hand-in-hand into the future.

Maintaining the freedom to refuse medical care is imperative.

The Holy Church of Medicine and its allies and dupes are out in full force at present. They want nothing less than more and more obedient, compliant slaves who'll submit to just about any delusion regurgitated by the status quo. We must not kneel over and hand them our obedience on silver platter.  

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