Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Police Called To Primary School After 9 Year Old Was Seen Playing Knights & Dragons With A Ruler

Pure Insanity, The Inmates Are Running The Asylum: Little 9 year old primary school student Kyron Bradley waved a ruler whilst playing knights & dragons with his school friends at St George's Bickley in Bromley, London.  His mother Natasha, 27, from Orpington, met with the headteacher after Police were called to deal with the issue.  A school spokesman said Police routinely visit the school to assist with 'pupils involved in or are at risk of offending'.

Police were called to a primary school after a nine-year-old boy was caught using a ruler as a pretend sword in a playground game of 'knights and dragons'.

Teachers have been accused of overreacting after calling Police officers to attend the incident and deal with Kyron Bradley, who waved the ruler around as he played with two school friends at St George's Bickley CE Primary School, in Bromley, south London.

The youngster's mother Natasha Bradley said she burst into tears after hearing police were being called over a 'stupid game'.

Disgraceful Reflection of Where our Society is Headed: 
Little 9 year old Kyron Bradley (pictured left and right with his mother Natasha) was caught using a ruler as a pretend sword in a playground game of knights & dragons. Police were called in by teachers to deal with Kyron's unruly behavior.

Miss Bradley, a 27-year-old carer and mother-of-two, said she had attended a meeting with headteacher Geraldine Shackleton following the incident on April 27, and had assumed it had been 'dealt with'.

However, she was then told that police officers were coming to the school to speak to her son, a pupil in Year 4, about his behaviour, on April 29.

Miss Bradley, from Orpington, said Kyron had only been doing 'what boys do' - playing at 'swordfighting' with a pal in the playground.

She said: 'I explained to my son that it was a stupid game to play as he could have fallen with the ruler. He cried, but he understood.

'They could have been using a stick, a ruler or their imagination - the whole thing is totally over the top and a waste of police resources.'
The school declined to reveal precise details of action taken against Kyron but Mrs Shackleton said: 'Sometimes having a gentle conversation with children, with parents or guardians present, can help young people fully understand possible consequences of actions they have taken.

'I am expected to use my judgement and act appropriately to ensure children and staff in my school are safe.

'It would not be appropriate to discuss individual situations, but in general terms schools work closely with local police as a matter of routine to gain help and guidance in these matters.'#

The Metropolitan Police confirmed officers from the local neighbourhood team had been sent to the school in the wake of the incident - but the force said it 'does not comment on individual incidents involving under 18s'.

A spokeswoman added that police routinely visit schools to assist with 'early identification, support and where necessary challenge of pupils involved in or at risk of offending', and where appropriate for 'the safety of pupils, staff and the school site and surrounding area'.

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