Thursday, June 4, 2015

1984 Action Day, 8th June - Orwell's Warning as Relevant as Ever

On 8th June 1949 George Orwell published his novel 1984 (click here to download a pdf copy for free).  It was a dire warning to everyone, drawing attention to the society that would emerge if the totalitarian thinking he witnessed taking root in the minds of intellectual oligarchs and policymakers everywhere were left unchecked.  This warning has mostly been ignored by collective society of the modern day, and his insightful publications were for a long time, buried in the sands of the forgotten. 

Sixty-six years later we find that Orwell's novel resonates as strongly as ever, with virtually every aspect of the genius's predictions coming true in today's modern world.

Democratic governments around the world are enacting laws that enable greater and greater monitoring of the world's people, curtailing freedom of speech and undermining legislative protection once enshrined within our legal systems.

Bill C-51 in Canada, a new pro-surveillance law in France, the Counter-Terrorism Legislative Amendment (Foreign Fighters) Act 2014 in Australia, a 1.6M euros system to track social media in Spain... And in the UK the Counter-Terrorism and Security Act 2015, a proposed new Counter-Extremism Bill and plans to reintroduce the "snoopers charter" to spy on all communications.  To name but a few.

All this removal of freedom is being implemented under the guise of protecting those very freedoms using a skewed human rights agenda that justifies anything in the name of "national security", for example the UK's so-called 'Protection of Freedoms Act'.  A truly Orwellian state of affairs.

1984 Action Day is an opportunity for people to raise global awareness of the many threats to our collective liberties and freedoms. Anyone can take part, whether it be performing in street theatre, public readings of '1984', handing out leaflets, or discussing the meaning of freedom with friends down at the local pub. There are a few action ideas at, but ultimately it's up to you, have some fun with it and be creative.

As the recent election in the UK all too keenly demonstrates, issues of individual freedom are not part of the political agenda. It is only through our own actions that we can effect a change to thinking in our societies. Without individual freedom there is no freedom at all, so we need to stand up as individuals to claim our freedoms back, the freedoms which are rightfully ours, while we still can.

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