Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Awareness Of The Matrix- How It Invades The Mind, Body & Spirit

Stress is a genuine pandemic, a full spectrum attack on the nervous and immune system that greatly contributes to the unhealthiness and lack of ease currently present in our world. Few would disagree that modern life is far more stressful than it should be, and is a far cry from the reach of 'normality'. 

If we are to consider the main sources of this psychosocial and highly volatile aspect of the collective environment we refer to as our 'current state of living', it appears that 'fear' is a built in feature within a contemporary style of society, a society that targets us, the people living within it, in order to create disharmony, debilitation, agitation, apathy, dependency and fear itself; a concoction of mind control strategies are discharged progressively onto an unsuspecting and mind numb population in order to make them even more easier to manipulate and control.

These manipulative strategies are often covert, implemented silently, being thrown at us from every angle within the matrix of our society, and at its root is our unconscious enslavement to an economic system that guarantees never ending, accumulating and eternal collective debt. Debt which is then payed by the people to a cartel of private criminal bankers and money masters who are nothing more than interbred cunning men with slick tongues. To support this phony economy we are groomed to be good obedient consumers, bred to value economic growth and material prosperity above and beyond the well being of other human beings, above the value of life itself and above any type of common sense or logic. For this we take on work we dislike and commit ourselves to being constantly busy, in order to ‘make ends meet' and to 'keep up with the Joneses', all the while the fraudulent currencies we strive for are further debased, leaving true prosperity to stretch further and further out of reach.

Modern life is often and aptly called 'the rat race', in which at every turn we are bombarded with lifestyle marketing propaganda which suggests 'what we are supposed to be, what we are supposed to wear, what we are supposed to drive, what kind of friends we should have, and even whom we should look down upon and hate'. 

Invading our bodies with toxic crap, sold to us as food, invading our minds with never ending propaganda and fear-programming from corporate behemoths and war-mongers, it is difficult to escape the message that "life is a fearful struggle that warrants our constant vigilance and diligence; we must always fight or flight".

Attacking first the nervous system, stress causes us to lose sleep and to lose our ability to recognize that we need rest, then to forget that we also need silence and tranquility. In this constant 'fight or flight' state our physical and emotional immune systems then give way, allowing us to fall victim to disease, unease and depression. We begin to doubt ourselves and our inherent eternal power as human beings to rise above adversity, forcing us to hunker down in a daily struggle, giving up on the things we really want and deserve in life, forever doomed to spin on the hamster wheel of the matrix.

Triggered and re-triggered constantly by the prancing peacocks and talking jackal celebrity puppets that appear on television, now broadcasted on every public street corner and in every shop window. 

Governments create global threats in order to frighten us into accepting their protection racquet, which of course always involves giving up our human rights and liberties as 'the catch'. For the oligarchs that rule, stress is the most effective way of keeping us on the sidelines and out of the game, keeping us easy to manipulate into subservient compliance without question, keeping us in fear and busily distracted by purposely manufactured scams such as Climate Change (previously sold to us by the U.N. as 'Global Warming', but was soon rebranded as 'Climate Change' after everyone began noticing that the weather was actually getting cooler instead of hotter), gay marriage hysteria, fake terrorism and manufactured religious hysteria.

We turn to anti-depressants and alcohol, for distraction and entertainment, and then with the very few hours of life we get outside of the workplace each day, we spend in a frantic frenzy of over-stimulation and consumption in order to make ourselves believe that this kind of life is worth living. 

Yet the deeper our commitment to utopian technology, the further disconnected from the spirit and soul we become. Then the immune system also gives way, making us easily corruptible both morally and ethically, and evermore beholden to the matrix for our survival.

“If you don’t know each day that you are violating your own soul in order to fit into the matrix’ demands, that will make you so sick, that will give you a depression.” – Soren Dreier

Stress is the ultimate weapon to destabilize ordinary people and drive them into disharmony and dependency.  The architects of the matrix have used this to keep us agitated and irritated so that we will turn to them for remedies and forget to question the meaning of it all.  We are subtly indoctrinated to believe that "boredom is bad" and that "boredom is to be feared" when in reality it is quite the contrary; boredom is an instinctive mechanism which allows for the emergence of divine creativity.  This can be witnessed when watching a small child; when a child becomes 'bored', they will always find something to do.  A child who is bored will begin playing a game, creating a fantasy world from their own imagination, a fantasy world involving knights, dragons, fairies, princesses, talking frogs and crystal palaces.  This is the realm of the greatest creative divine, which is within all of us; but much more prominent in children.

The reality is that we are spiritual beings, carried about in life by dense, heavy vessels we call 'bodies', bodies which are made up of humming atoms that resonate with our environment. We are all in fact walking miracles, made up of more space than matter. The human body is designed to repel and recover from sickness, disease, injury and even insult. The immune system protects and repairs not just the physical body, but the emotional and spiritual bodies as well. When kept in a constant state of stress, we are kept in poor health, chronic disease and most critically, from the profound discovery that we are spiritual beings of infinite potential and eternal conscious life.

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