Sunday, June 14, 2015

Inside Bilderberg - Real Footage From Inside The Devil's Den

We don't know at this stage exactly what's going on inside [Bilderberg], and we the people of humanity deserve to know because these are the very people who are making the decisions that will affect all of our lives, every single one of us in every single country on this planet is affected by the decisions these sociopaths are making.  These criminals are currently being protected by the Austrian Police Department, who stated that "they are fully aware that the Bilderberg attendees they are protecting are major criminals of the shadow government".  Citizen journalist and real journalist Dan Dicks from questioned an official from the Austrian Police as to why they were protecting major criminals and enemies of humanity, the Austrian Police official responded by stateing "we have no other choice" (of course they do, how about arressting Henry Kissenger for a start, there is more than enough evidence available on the internet alone to see him rot in a jail cell for more than 100 life times)

So far, dealings with the Austrian Police towards citizen journalists have been mostly civil and pleasant,  with the occasional knucklehead cop on a power-trip popping up, but these types of cops are unfortunately to be found in every major Police organisation.  Citizen journalists have commended  the demeanor of the Austrian Police thus far as most communicative transactions have been pleasant and civil.

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