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Marriage Was Never The Government's To Restrict, It Is Only A Fiction

There is only one universal law: DO NO HARM.  This law trumps over all others and in itself exposes all other man made crown copyright laws as invalid. You are free to do and say whatever you please, provided that it does not cause harm, or does not wish harm upon another.  It's so simple. 

The entire 'Gay Marriage' argument is in itself both ridiculous and completely invalid upon critical analysis, due to the fact that any such engagement in this argument would be actually recognising 'Marriage' itself as a legally valid bond, when in reality, in the land of the living, it is not.  Crown Copyright 'Legal Marriage' is nothing more than a document which states "we are married" and is recognised by 'The State' of crown copyright registration, recognised by registration is in fact the same as applying shackles and chains to your loved one, which is in fact the opposite of 'Love'. I'm not sure about anyone else, but branding my soul with the mark of the beast's copyright crown is no expression of real eternal love that i've ever heard of; is there any wonder why so many marriages end in divorce?  Registration ties you and your loved one to 'The State' which is in itself a dead fiction; a dual bondge to a lie.

Once you are tied to 'The State', you then inadvertently grant this dead fiction 'Valid Recourse' into the realm of the living, which in philosophical terms is like allowing benevolent entities access into the living realm of unconditional love to cause mayhem and destruction, which of course would be catastrophic. 

Today's superficial ideas of legal marriage, is like something out of a Jersey Shore episode, or a Home and Away series, this is the equivalent to believing in one's own delusions, like a severely ill schizophrenic patient trapped inside the voices of his/her own mind. 

Fighting for illusionary superficial rights, of which you don't even really have, within a dead fictitious system, is of course ridiculous and insane within itself, it's the same concept of beating a dead horse. 

In The Realm Of The Living

The truth is that people are always free to become married in the spiritually bonded sense whenever they wish. Centuries ago, spiritual unionship between two consenting parties was celebrated after a traditional ceremonial ritual amongst ancient tribes of the amazon, native Americans, and just about every other native civilisation on the planet.  

Amongst tribes in the ancient times, at no stage were fictitious legal documents exchanged containing nonsensical gibberish, documents of which we today consider 'Law' and 'Legally Binding'.  

Spiritual unionship requires no superficial or shallow dead fictions to be granted, it requires no words to be written onto pieces of paper, and it requires no blessing from a sex offender or a black magician to be considered 'valid'. 

Spiritual unionship frees both you and your loved one on the deepest spiritual level instead of trapping them inside of a dead fictional contract which has no real basis or validity in the land of the living.

Uniting with your loved one on the deepest spiritual level is of course the ultimate expression of real love, and is what real and unconditional love is all about. 

Real love condones spiritual unionship and freedom, and is opposed to the division of the soul.  

A black magician (a priest) has no authority under universal law to grant spiritual unionship; the ancients understood this very well.  The only people who can grant themselves a spiritual unionship are the two who are being united, this is done via loving consent.  

Universal equality and consent, is universal law.  Black magic (Catholicism, Christianity, Islam and all other man made religions) have no power or validity in the universal structure of natural law.  Universal law (Do No Harm) is the only true law, the evidence of which we breathe, see and feel is mother natures naked proof informing us all that we are all in the divine hands of a great loving power which is beyond the comprehension of the human psych.
Registered Marriage implies to the other "look at what is written on a piece of paper, you better obey and abide or else"; it's not about 'trust' which is of course what the brainwashed masses will endlessly claim through cognitive dissonance as they desperately defend the beliefs they've been indoctrinated with by a system that cares nothing for them.  

Registration Marriage is about fear, fear of the other person 'ruining you' if your obedience subsides. 'Enforced Obedience' through fear is of course what the entire concept of Registration Marriage is. It's a fiction.  A dead fiction of fear and lies.

Spiritual marriage or spiritual unionship is of a much higher and authentic kinship of the soul in both essence and substance, it is a unionship greater and stronger than all others.  This universal truth can not ever be overwritten by any illusionary 'physical, worldly object' such as a dead fiction document or crown copyright registration, because the unionship of two spirits is not physical, and it is not of this world. That which is not of this world, is magic, and no dead fiction can ever destroy that.

It is true, unbridled and eternal unconditional love.  No marriage certificate can ever buy that, so why even fight for it.  

Gay Marriage Conclusion:
Do whatever you want, no-one is going to stop you, and no-one can stop you. So stop 'demanding' their fraudulent acceptance and the system's null & void contractual recognition :-)  Get on with your life and move on.

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