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'Friends' & The Social Stratification of Oligarchical Collectivism

I am going to lose friends.  I've realized this for quite a while now, and I know that this contingency is both an inevitable and unavoidable part of life, even more so for individuals such as myself and other perspicacious free spirits who favor the proclivity of avoiding the spotlight of center stage.

Unlike the prancing peacocks who aggregate on the broadway of a daguerreotype style of swank prodigious catwalk of cyber-narcissism, my own personal predilections remain within the quietness of seclusion and solitude.

Through the decades of sociological advancement, with the devolution of the collective ostensible mindset, the meaning of the word 'Solitude' has seemingly become a widely misconstrued concept; an emblematic misconception implying that 'Solitude' somehow implicates 'Loneliness'; however the true meaning of 'Solitude' is the state of being alone without actually feeling lonely

It is quite often within the purview of 'aloneness' that the succession of exceptional spiritual growth occurs.  Some of the greatest mysteries known to mankind have been uncovered through the compass of aloneness.  

The state of 'Solitude' leads to an increased sense of self awareness; self awareness is the pinnacle of true spiritual growth, the principalities of spiritual evolution upon which all of humanity exists, yet ironically is so distant from in today's modern age. 

As I write about the axiomatic prevalence of self-righteousness and sanctimoniousness within our contemporary modern day culture, I must stipulate the importance of drawing attention to, and being aware of our own egocentric idiosyncrasies which are instilled within the psyches of every one of us, whether we choose to acknowledge this reality or not remains irrelevant, we are all flawed human beings, all on the same journey of both endless and timeless augmentation.

Being the 'Black Sheep' is Mankind's Greatest Fear:

The ubiquitous grandioseness of self-glorification and narcissism is a sociological aspect found within every single human being on earth, only the prevalence of both the physiological and psychological manifestations vary on an individual case by case basis.  In other words: we are all narcissists to some level of degree, although some characteristics and specific types of behavioral exhibitions may be more incontestably recognizable than others. 
Seemingly random inconsequential purposeless roguery which obliterate every conceivable positive use for a social media platform have ostensibly taken control over any type of sense or common ground for the distribution of useful information.  Mainstream social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook have been presumably hijacked and infiltrated by a splinter in the thumb of humanity; overrun by individuals who shamelessly brag about acts of extreme selfishness, with a grandiose delusional view of their own perceived talents followed by an almost nauseating craving for admiration. These have all become key ingredients within this twisted cocktail of insanity, delusion, and a profoundly anomalous type of psychological displacement and mental disfunction which implicates self-centredness arising from a failure to distinguish the self from external objects, even in the form of obsession with receiving praise for one's physical appearance or perceived achievements.

Latter-day conformity towards mainstream social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, are predominantly 'All About Me' social platforms.  However, not all people who utilize these social networks do so for this particular purpose, but sadly, the majority of users do.

All types of individuals from all walks of life can be found throughout these social networks, from Munchhausen Syndrome spurious socialites who desperately crave commiseration from any unsuspecting yet well intentioned schlemiel, to groups of family members utilising the services for sending and receiving messages and sharing warm hearted images of family and friends amongst each other.

Understanding Life as the 'Black Sheep':

By venturing a little closer to realms of reality and even nearer to the unconventional methodologies of which life has to offer, it's easy to find yourself on the outskirts of 'The Popularity Club'.

This is an exclusive club of which people like myself (and possibly even you, if you're reading this article) are not and never will be invited into.  Yet personally, I'm eminently proud of that.  I exceptionally enjoy living and being as my own person, I rejoice in the fact that i'm a unique individual and that i'm not the same as everybody else.  I also rejoice in the presence of my own company, by not being surrounded by the all to common packs of blabbering jackals who just talk for the sake of talking, not really saying anything at all yet merely making noises with their mouths.  So when i'm alone, I reflect on the fact that 'Solitude' for me is indeed a gift from the highest order, and I really do cherish every moment of it.

Dealing with Abandonment:

At the beginning of this article I stated that "I am going to lose friends", I'm not referring to real friends here; I'm referring to the one's who are forged from distant memories and retrospective non-retentiveness; this type of a nonsensical inclination to fallacy doesn't concern me at all.  However, the friends which I am destined to lose are the type that can simply click a button and disappear me from their timeline, some of which I once knew personally and some I did not.

I've been on Facebook for a while now.  I'm sure that’s both ironic and hilariously amusing to some.  But it was always a conscious decision for me not to partake in the non-sense and inauthentic prancing peacock-ing type of flamboyancy which saturate the social network pages. 

There were two primary reasons that finally got me to pull the trigger and open a Facebook account. 

One reason was the very simple fact that I've been homesick since moving to Perth Western Australia in 2004 from my hometown of Newcastle in New South Wales which is on the East Coast of Australia, so Facebook seemed like the best way for me to gain some type reconnection to the outside world I once called "home".

The second reason was far more analytically purposive: As far as my interests in both Sociology and Psychology are concerned, I've been writing for years about the implications of various distinctive social processes, especially in relation to the aggregation of social change and the implications of Oligarchical Collectivism, including the perpetual class struggle which is seemingly characteristic of latter-day human societies;[5] beginning with the historical observation that most societies invariably have hierarchically divided themselves on a collective scale into socioeconomic classes and stature castes, using both conscious and subconscious social cohesion.

The Social Stratification of Oligarchical Collectivism:

The High Class: The ruling class, the hoarders of capital and sometimes referred to as 'the elites'.

In true hard economical terms, these individuals were recently described as 'The Parasitical Class', (previously known as 'The Ruling Class') the collective rules modern day socio economic order were boldly denounced when the highly respected PhD economics Professor Jason Read from the University of Southern Maine publicly stigmatized upper class citizens within modern society, referring to them as 'Parasites'.

Courageously risking his career earned credibility, Professor Read admirably placed everything on the line by heroically acknowledging the elephant in the room, exposing the hidden and often misunderstood logistics of economic social influence and how our current debt based money system is a complete and utter ponzi scheme which must be changed to an interest and debt free currency system, a currency that is solely controlled by the people and not by Governmental corporatism or criminal Banking establishments.

"Our debt-based global money and commercial commerce system is nothing more than a ponzi scam which should have never eventuated into a standardized form of trade. It is a global fraudulent investment debt-based operation where the operator, an individual or organization, pays returns to its investors from new capital paid to the operators by new investors, rather than from profit earned by the operator. In short, this is loaning money and funds that do not and have never existed to begin with.  Banks are quite literally charging interest on air.  It needs to stop. We do not, and have never needed an interest based economy.  The global debt based money and commercial commerce system will one day be known as the greatest and most sophisticated scam in human history" 
"Many Wealthy People Will Always Pull The 'Poor Me Card' When Questioned About How They Obtained Their Wealth, They'll Always Say How Hard They've Worked To Achieve All That They Have. Though in Reality, Many Wealthy People Are Usually Highly Effective Manipulators And Are Very Good At Convincing Others To Do All Of The Hard Work Required For Them To Become Wealthy, And Mostly For Very Little Money.  The Only Truly Hard Work That Many Wealthy Socialites Have Ever Done Is The Hard Work Of Getting Other People To Work Hard Instead Of Themselves... Don't Get Me Wrong, There Are Some Very Genuinely Successful Wealthy People Out There Who Have Obtained Wealth Through Honest And Ethical Means, But These People Are Exceptionally Rare. The Only Pseudo-Entrepreneurs We Usually Hear About In The Mainstream Media Are The 'iPhone' Inventors' Or The 'Microsoft Eugenicists' Who Quite Literally Became Wealthy From The Exploitation Of Malnourished And Overworked Foreign Employees, Mostly From Third World And Under-Privileged Countries Such As India And Parts Of Asia; And As Always Among The Exploited Are Children, Working Under Atrocious Inhumane Circumstances. All To Assemble The Non-Essential Products We All Take For Granted Everyday, These Underprivileged Workers Get Payed Less Than 0.02% Of The Total Profits Earned For The Devices They Actually Build And We Merely Consume" - How Pathetic Is All Of That.

It's not too difficult to see the reasons why economies all over the world keep collapsing.  Could it be due to the unsustainability of interest/debt based economics that is always inevitably destined to fail at some point in time?

Regardless of all this presented information 'Social Class Categories' are merely examples of social constructs, and as we already know 'Social Constructs' are nothing more than prisons of the mind, and i'm fairly certain that there are many more 'Social Constructs' that could be integrated into this article as there are always many different shades of grey, both in the psychological and the spiritual sense. 

I figured I owed it to myself to fully explore these encapsulating historic behavioral patterns. However I also feel a certain level of personal responsibility to disclose this information for all to access, to present this information out into the public domain, to allow for all people who are at least 'ready' to receive it, contributing towards more options of exploring alternative paths of social development and ways of living, as there are indeed many.

Social Media Hysteria:

A millisecond after I signed into Facebook for the first time, friend requests came flying at me from all directions. Within days I was in contact with dozens of people from my past—old friends, extended family members, exes, acquaintances, high school classmates, high school bullies, people who I didn't really even know, people who I may have nodded to a few times in the street on the way to collect my daily coffee fix.  I even discovered that I had two half sisters through Facebook, and I managed to make brief contact with one of them after exchanging a few kind words with her, however this conversation was short lived apparently due to her father (also my father) not allowing her to use social media, so she explained that she had to go otherwise she would get 'caught out'. Never the less, it was a positive exchange of words between myself and fellow sibling and also a revelation that occurred only because I opened a Facebook account.

My rule was, you see, I'd promised myself that Facebook would be strictly for happy thoughts.  I had Twitter for all that nasty political bull shit which doesn't really interest me anyway, so Facebook was planned to stay clean.

What I very quickly discovered though, was that nearly all of these new “friends” of mine, some of which were from highschool, were still caught up in the same imitation upright, pseudo-conservative mentality that our particular little patch of middle earth churns out. Which is absolutely fine, i've nothing against spuriously affected individuals, I simply just try to avoid them that's all.

I left my hometown well over a decade ago but that niggeling impulse in me to take people as they come can never be excised. How could it, considering where I'm from?

The real problem I'm encountering on Facebook is that inherent to this proxy-upright, artificially conservative mentality is the instant and unyielding support for 'The Man'. Because, quite honestly, that was one piece of the marketing I never bought into.

The phrase "the Man is keeping me down" is commonly used to describe oppression. The phrase "stick it to the Man" encourages resistance to authority, and essentially means "fight back" or "resist", either passively, openly or via sabotage.[1]
The Man has just never impressed me, and I guess I'm supposed to feel bad about that. Well, I don’t.

Yet I was willing to set all that aside in the name of socialization. I truly wanted to connect with people back home and the people I truly love, because, as I said, I was homesick.  More so than I can possibly convey. And I tried. I really did. I ignored anything political at first—anything involving news, mainstream media propaganda and everything else related, in fact— I even tried sticking to Seinfeld memes, Slipknot fan pages and articles about Ricky Gervais. You know, the happy stuff.

But with the question of whether or not to support the 'The Man' polarizing and destroying the world like never before, and with the overwhelming majority of my cyber friends ready to pounce upon anything that didn't resemble undying devotion to Oligarchical Collectivism and Oceanian Style Socialism, it wasn't long before I recognized that I'd be unable to abstain from the fray.  It simply isn't in me.  I lack both the patience and temperance required for such a feat.  If I see an injustice inflicted upon another, I feel it as though it was an injustice inflicted upon myself, I simply can't change this, it's just who I am.  I lack both the moral unconsciousness and innocent naiveness to walk away from any type of transgressive malpractice, although I know in my mind that some battles simply can not be won, but I just can't help myself from at least trying.

And sure enough, the first comment I posted (literally the very first comment) mildly criticizing a mainstream news article’s one-sided biased reporting instantly resulted in me getting hit with a private message. It was an old high school pseudo-conservative who'd married a Political Legislator.

She proceeded to explain to me how she had zero tolerance for those who question the law and authority in general. She further expressed to me that any additional  perceived "negativity" from me, or any "disagreement with her narratives" by me would result in me being removed from her friend list. Back in my high school days, I was never one of the popular kids, I was constantly bullied and ridiculed for the crime of being a little 'different', and the very few people who actually did hang out with me on the occasional weekend always did so with some particular agenda being their main objective; whether it be me having to drive them all over town so they could get drunk (I didn't drink, so it made me the designated driver by default), or be it loaning them money which was never paid back, or lending them my car so they could travel all over the country in it. Eventually though, I saw the light and managed to cut all ties with these mutated energy vampires.

I remember seeing one girl I used to be friends with in school walking in the street with her boyfriend when I was around 21 or so, she saw me from across the street and instantly began yelling out obscene profanity at me in some lame attempt to embarrass me amongst the crowds of other onlookers who were also in the street; "you're a f**king dick-head" she shouted out repetitively in my direction, for what reason she did this I still don't know even to this very day; however somehow I get the feeling that she only embarrassed herself at the time, and by the looks of it, very little has changed over the past 15 years or so because she was another person who unfriended me on Facebook for the simple crime of mildly disagreeing with one of her idealistic narratives.

It's almost like some people's mentalities become entrapped in a type of time capsule that disallows any sort of evolution or conscious growth to occur, and they stay trapped in that same space for an eternity.

Years later, I heard on the news that her father was found dead under particularly strange circumstances, which of course would have been very hard for her to deal with, it would be hard for anyone to deal with.  I haven't seen her in around 15 years or so, and although i'm not a religious person and I don't really believe in God in the conventional sense, I manage to say a quiet prayer for her from time to time, at least every time I think about her.  

That particular Facebook exchange was quiet a while ago now, and in effect was the catalyst for this screed. Because it pissed me off so much. It summed up in three minutes everything I find repugnant about the prepackaged arguments of political apologists and pseudo-conservative hypocrisy.

It’s not as though we don't know what responsibilities lay on the shoulders of high profile politicians. So should we never criticize anything until we've been there and done that?  Regardless of how inhumane or unethical a particular decision or action may have been?  Isn't it the criticism and valid scrutiny of authority and particular laws that measures the justification for their implementation into a democratic society?  The point which this particular 'friend' was making however would be a valid one if the individuals occupying these positions were being conscripted into service. But they’re not. It’s the profession they chose—the profession that they continue to choose.  If I wanted to know what Politicians deal with every day, I'd be a Politician.  And of course this argument completely ignores the fact that “what they go through” is a direct result of a corrupt system that legitimizes high end criminal activity through the abuse of office, which drives otherwise decent people to desperate acts through economic predation.

It’s always that the good outnumber the bad. That sure, there are a few rotten apples here and there but that doesn't give us the right to paint the whole anything with the same brush. Anyhow, I'm an individualist. I try not to collectivize. I know there are good people in politics, people who genuinely want to act in the best interest of the people . I don't think that all politicians are 'bad' any more than I think all that all banking executives want to steal every last dime from your children's piggy bank. 

This is the most frustrating aspect of a real debate for me. It’s this utter lack of vision that really drives me mad. How about some good old fashioned context? How about we take a step back—just for a second—and look at the big picture? How about we stop throwing blind loyalty behind a meticulously crafted oligarchy simply because your neighbor doesn't like foreigners or some other rubbish like that, or because you grew up in a family of Liberal party supporters who brainwashed you into not thinking for yourself at all. So you married a Politician? Congratulations. May your days be filled with laughter, joy and happy times. But just always remember this "a ring on a finger does not an argument make".

Security Vs Insanity:

Is there a genuine need for security? Of course there is. The most perfect society imaginable would still have its share of knuckleheads, and therefore a market for security would exist. But security doesn't necessarily imply the hyper invasive surveillance we see today. This is what I’m talking about. This complete lack of vision that apologists seem to suffer from. It’s as if they’re incapable of imagining a society—and, by extension, that society’s form of security measures—ordered differently than that of our current one. Could it be that they actually think the system is perfect and nothing, ever, needs to be changed? Or are they simply unwilling to conduct a thorough examination of their surroundings? Either way, the apologist's logic essentially boils down to “support the Oligarchy, they rule us, therefore they must know everything”

I don’t believe in a perfect society. To be perfect is to be static, and progress means always moving forward.  And whose idea of perfection are we talking about, anyway? Yours? Mine? Oligarchs? What about a society in which security measures are tailored to meet market demands, as opposed to a 'one-size-fits-all, human rights abolition model' whose subsequent agencies act as a control tower of a centralized power base? What about a society in which the functions of power aren't actively seeking to strip the citizenry of their right to defend themselves, or their right to eat food and clean drink water which is not laced with toxic poisons, thereby leaving them less vulnerable and more equipped to deal with the aforementioned knuckleheads in the first place?

Don’t care for that? Try this one. The thinking goes that if only one innocent person is executed then the death penalty should be abolished. I’m sure a lot of conservative-minded people can get behind that. So why is that reasoning good for the death penalty but not good for abuse of office and the abuse of political power? Every day we're assaulted by story after story of people losing everything due to bank foreclosure, thus becoming homeless, elderly people having their hard earned savings literally stolen from their bank accounts by rogue governments for the simple crime of owning a bank account for over 12 months, and what about the forced vaccination laws, where parents are extorted by governments who use their children as collateral, either they get their children vaccinated or face the possibility of having their children taken from them.  Do you cry for those people at night, pseudo-conservative apologists?  Or do you skip those stories on the way to the funny pages?


Truthfully, I'm tired. I’m tired of being told I'm ignorant of the facts or insensitive to the bigger plight. I’m tired of listening to justifications as to why I should support the the ruling oligarchy or, worse yet, as to why they're really doing a fantastic job at destroying the world. I'm tired of hearing stories of parents being arrested and persecuted for trying to save their dying child from a life threatening disease by trying natural medicines when all other conventional treatments have failed. I'm tired of seeing one Harvard study after the next being released week after week, literally begging governments to remove fluoride from public drinking water due to it's highly carcinogenic and brain deteriorative properties, but perhaps more than anything else I'm tired of no one being held accountable for any of it.

I didn't include any sources or references at the bottom of  this article as I usually do. Why should I? If my Facebook explorations have taught me anything it’s that logic and documentation mean very little to the pseudo-conservative apologists, who also suddenly become expert scientists when it's convenient.  They shout out "where's your sources, where is the science" if anything you imply doesn't quite fit in with their narrative, they dismiss anything you put forth as irrational.  Even when you do comply with their instructions by "supplying them with the science" they'll always come up with some irrational reason as to why the facts you're presenting are invalid.  So if they're so inclined to search for answers they can do all of the sourcing work themselves, being such expert scientists and all they should find it to be a relatively simple task. Who knows, maybe a mind or two would change in the process.  But like i've said many times before, Cognitive Dissonance is a bitch, and delusional narratives are harder to penetrate than concrete itself, which is probably part of the reason behind why mental hospitals all over the world are overflowing.
As for me, I've done my fair share of reading and i've suffered enough pain through inner work to last me lifetime.  I've taken a long hard look at not only the world but also at myself, and at this point, I know exactly where I stand, and as distasteful as it might be to those destined to delete me, ignore me and simply not 'Like' me, I know exactly why I'm standing there, and I know exactly who I am.

In Lak'ech.



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