Friday, August 21, 2015

Surviving In The Matrix Of Our Inverted Society

I've been writing about the inverted condition of our current sociological condition within the modern world and our latter-day social structure for a long time now.  The fact that I continue to see more attention being drawn to this issue on a global scale, as substantial influence also increases its infliction upon the modern age of mankind, it compels me to pursue the exploration of this catastrophic misdirection of human society and to determine exactly where and why it all became so misconstrued, thus allowing for the possibility of a remedy to surface.  My biggest question at this  moment is at what stage did this all go sour?

Our modern world is so inverted that almost every aspect of it is either prejudiced or inveigled in some way or another by the influences of inversion thus creating contradictory elements within global society at almost every level, a paradoxical effect that is clearly evident upon closer examination of almost everything within our world, both physical and nonphysical.