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Surviving In The Matrix Of Our Inverted Society

I've been writing about the inverted condition of our current sociological condition within the modern world and our latter-day social structure for a long time now.  The fact that I continue to see more attention being drawn to this issue on a global scale, as substantial influence also increases its infliction upon the modern age of mankind, it compels me to pursue the exploration of this catastrophic misdirection of human society and to determine exactly where and why it all became so misconstrued, thus allowing for the possibility of a remedy to surface.  My biggest question at this  moment is at what stage did this all go sour?

Our modern world is so inverted that almost every aspect of it is either prejudiced or inveigled in some way or another by the influences of inversion thus creating contradictory elements within global society at almost every level, a paradoxical effect that is clearly evident upon closer examination of almost everything within our world, both physical and nonphysical.

Sociological Mind Control

More prominently, these effects are blatantly evident within all aspects of our culture; effects which influence the human mind and its ability to convey its full potential, impacting negatively on the primordial 'human' side of our collective psyches such as our natural propensity to express empathy, kindness, selflessness and the ability to follow our individual moral compass.

If we are to examine the actual symptoms of this global inversion, it becomes increasingly apparent that the inversive nature itself stems from a much broader dilemma, which as it stands, appears to be both the individual and collective delusion that this superficially paradoxical pseudo-reality is real, and that it possesses actual 'power' and true influence outside the control of our individual perspectives, when in fact it does not, as it only possesses 'perceived' power (illusionary power).

Metaphorically, the exact same situation can be witnessed when watching an elephant being held captive by only an old withered piece of rope attached to a peg wedged into the ground.  If only the elephant realised the true power it possessed, it would snap the rope without even the slightest effort and run for freedom; however the elephant has been conditioned to believe that the rope is impenetrable and that it is completely powerless .  What an ironic reflection of the current collective state of humanity.

Elimination based reality television programs (i.e. Survivor, Australian/American Idol, Big Brother, Masterchef, The Bachelor etc.) of the modern day are perfect examples of this sociological mind control; in as little a time frame as only one single generation, the powers that be are able to completely transform the cognitive thought patterns within the proportionate collective of humanity.

These elimination based 'reality' television programs encourage and reward individual competitors for engaging in cunning, shallow, irrational, ruthless and deceptive behaviour towards their fellow competitors by supporting the typical ideology of Darwinism.  This 'survival of the fittest', 'divide and conquer' mentality advocates the very opposite of  'community' and teamwork.  Think about that for a moment, as this is the precise outcome intended to become manifestant in our future generations who are currently at high risk of becoming the product of an artificially engineered collective psyche which exists only to serve the oligarchs within 'the establishment' yet blatantly disregards society's most vulnerable such as the elderly and individuals with disabilities. The fully intended repercussions of this will create a world of fully disposable 'use and discard' human beings who actually enjoy their slavery and servitude.  Are we not already seeing the results of these mind control programs today?

The inversive reality which we can see, taste, smell and feel everywhere is nothing more than conditioned illusion on all levels, yet its influence can be broken within the whisper of a heartbeat upon becoming aware of the greater misconception.

The Global Silencing & A Plea For Sanity

The game of the inversive reality is rigged, that's a given by anyone with even half a brain cell's observation. Its construct violates universal law on just about every level imaginable; but looking deeper into the actual structure of inversive linear compulsion, other individual elements begin to automatically reveal themselves and become more evident upon closer observation.  Examples of this can be seen with documents and contracts which contain information meant to imply some type of official meaning; but what realm of reality are we talking about here?  Are we talking about the day to day struggle of just getting by, 'playing the game' so to speak, or are we talking about the realm of reality in which a contract or a paper money note is nothing more than paper and ink?

There are many shades of grey to consider within this dimension, and we must be wise if we are to keep a level head among the cannibals, the feeders on human suffering who are always hungry and are always eager to make an example out of you, to 'put you in your place' so to speak.

Remaining silent does not always mean that you haven't observed the true nature of what is really going on, in fact, often silence speaks louder than actual words themselves.  Choose your moment when to speak your truth, but never be too hard on yourself for speaking too soon or even too late, regardless, you still expressed your truth. 

In the above video, at 2:11 mins into the discussion, Australian Analyst and Researcher Max Igan explains the importance of downloading and saving every piece of crucial information onto your own personal hard-drives. Max believes that soon, it may become an offence to possess factual knowledge; ironically, this has already started happening.  Julian Assange, Bradley Manning and Kim Dotcom are prime examples of the new attempted silencing of truth and transparency.

Examining The Broader Systematic Inversion

The Internet Revolution:

What started as the revolution of information and technology in the year of 1991, very quickly became the revolution of informational tracking, spying, mind control and the chance for the predatorial corporate sociopathic construct to tighten the rope even firmer around the neck of human freedom.

Extensive restrictions were secretly implemented by the military industrial complex to fight battles against fictitious enemies created within the inverted web of the social construct itself.

The powers that be created restrictions on freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of ideas (Thoughtcrime, see George Orwell's prophetic novel 1984), and the human right to share free and innovative information for others to utilise and to help them thrive.

This network of information is now so closely monitored and so tightly controlled by the collective corporate construct that it takes a great deal of due effort along with an adequate level of knowhow to simply maneuver yourself through all of the micromanaged technological tracking minefield monitoring every aspect of your personal and private information.

A passage from George Orwell's prophetic novel '1984' which predicted our future world today

In Orwell's novel, 'Newspeak' was the collective global language which consisted of political correctness gone mad, which is a reflection of the inversive constructal nature of sociological behavior seen in today's society ('Newspeak': Today known as One World Government, New World Order, Agenda 21, United Nations, Political Correctness etc.)

The internet user today virtually has to commit online access violations which are practically considered 'criminal' to simply gain access to non-tampered, factual and correct information.  

What Are They So Afraid Of  Us Discovering?

The Hidden & Highly Secretive Past- Which Would Reveal The Full Potential Of Humanity:

Special thanks to Secret Key Activator Productions for this highly comprehensive and compelling coverage of information which is paramount to gaining an understanding of what is truly going on

Evidence Of An Inverted Society With Distorted Values

Real Heroes Are Branded As Terrorists & Traitors, Whilst Real War Criminals & Eugenicists Are Hailed As Martyrs:

Let's examine the subjects of Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, and Bradley Manning whose only perceived 'crimes' involved alerting the human population of the cunning actual criminals who were in the process of attempting to socially engineer the entire planet's population via any means necessary; including partaking in covert ethnic cleansing and genocidal war operations disguised as 'peace keeping missions' and mass mind control programs using globally outlawed methods of psychologically inhumane brainwashing psyops which all constituted crimes against humanity.

These actual criminals were exposed partaking in the most vile and horrific acts of human slaughter ever seen in the history of mankind with complete disregard for human life, yet still even to this very day, the hail of pseudo-martyrdom propagation continues to blurt out from every television 'news' program across the westernised world 'informing' (brainwashing) the masses of what wonderful people these murderous psychopathic monsters are. 

There are no words in the dictionary to describe the level of sickness and psychopathy that this social blending of insanity and compulsion has inflicted upon human society; both Assange and Snowden, the two most wanted supposed 'criminals' in the entire world are today used as trophy boys by the same criminally insane oppressive totalitarians that gloat themselves on our televisions every night at six o'clock and also on the front pages of our newspapers, inadvertently attempting to warn other would-be disobedient humans of what implications lay in stall for them if they conjure up the nerve to 'dig deeper' into the inversive sociological layer of fascism and speak out against it.

Fear based mind control has a tendency to make most people terrified; terrified of what may happen to them if they delve into research regarding matters of global affairs.  

People even become terrified of the potential consequences of critical thinking.  This type of fear mongering is absolutely disgraceful in any so called developed 'modern age'.  

This was the very message that George Orwell conveyed in 1949 when he published his novel '1984' which mentioned the concept of 'Newspeak'; meaning that eventually people would become so terrified of the truth, that the truth itself would become inconceivable and no longer comprehensible to the vast majority.  

Well, take a look around you today.  How far off the mark was George Orwell's prediction of the future; a prediction he wrote a book about way back in 1949.  

Not very far off at all in my opinion.


Stay awake, eyes wide open, question everything, believe in nothing. 

Because nothing is ever as it seems.  Nothing.

In Lak'ech


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