Monday, December 14, 2015

Anonymous Hacks UN Climate Change Site, Major Information Leaks Exposed.

The hacktivist group Anonymous breached into the website of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and leaked a trove of personal information of 1415 officials.  The online hacktivists did so in protest against the arresting of peaceful protesters marching against the Climate-related policies in the country’s capital; policies which as always (history repeating itself) benefit only the top 1% of wealthy individuals who are solely responsible for causing the global climate crisis in the first place, while the rest of the world's normal citizens are left to carry the burden of massive and unwarranted tax hikes which go directly into the pockets of the very climate perpetrators who manufactured the crisis to begin with.  Allegorical examples of this global situation which has somehow found itself grasped by the notorious octopus's tentacles include The Pied Piper of Hamelin, Little Red Riding Hood and Snow White.  I'm sure the reader can piece together the allegorical metaphors within these childhood tales and how they directly reflect onto this current manufactured climate crisis predicament.

208 protesters were arrested by the police during the climate event, actions which Anonymous were clearly not impressed by. So in retaliation, the group penetrated the official website of UNFCCC by exploiting simple SQL vulnerabilities, gaining accesses to a treasure trove of personal information. Information which included the names of registered users and officials from hundreds of countries around the world.

One Anonymous activist stated:

“We will continue fighting for Humans, Greens and Animals rights. We know they used the victims of the Paris Attacks as an excuse to abolish people's rights.  We also know that they don’t really care about climate change at all, or what actually causes it.”

The Leaked Data:

After looking through the leaked data, it becomes obviously clear that it is indeed legitimate. The data itself has been divided into two files and both of them include usernames, emails, encrypted passwords, secret questions and their answers, phone and fax numbers, PO Box numbers, city name, office address and company names.

(Screenshot from the data)

Most of the leaked credentials belong to the officials from Australia, Canada, Pakistan, Brazil, Belgium, India, UK, USA, Turkey, Germany, Norway, Ethiopia, Egypt, Ghana, South Africa, Indonesia, Thailand and several other countries.

(Screenshot shows Anonymous has access to the CMS of

(Screenshot shows Anonymous can add/edit the data)

(Screenshot shows Anonymous can add/edit the data)

The leaked data is available here.

Anonymous are also planning to leak more personal data on the officials against the police attack on the Cop21 march.

According to Anonymous:

“We could deface the site, but that won’t hurt them, we know data leak will and does so there’s more to come. These hacks are not just against Police brutality, these are also against Cop21 to support Global Climate March.  We know that Climate Change is caused by greedy capitalists who try to divert blame towards normal citizens through fear and guilt advertising campaigns.  This will not be tolerated and we will expose every bit of it”.

This is not the first time Anonymous have protested in support of climate, human and animal rights. In the past, the hacktivists went against X-Rated animal abuse websites and shut down world’s largest animal abuse forum.

In October 2015, Anonymous also claimed responsibility for shutting down two Japanese Airport websites against Dolphin slaughter in the country.

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