Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Hive Minds, The Think Tanks & The Liberation Of True Independence

“Why are you so negative?” Why are you so intense?” These are questions that I hear often and so do many other verity seekers alike. Is a doctor ‘negative’ because he/she wants to heal diseases? No, of course not, but the news might be uncomfortable before the healing begins. The doctor must first find the problem, diagnose it correctly and then come up with the appropriate solutions to treat the disease. To be a healer, one must first address the symptoms, that is what we are doing in the macro.

Time and time again history watches quietly like a frozen statue as the most malevolent rulers and evil repulsive beings that ever existed on the face of the earth are manoeuvred into positions of power; meanwhile truth seekers actively promoting peace, freedom and organic health are demonized by these very same frozen statues who suddenly come to life and start spewing out slander and sarcastic smug towards people with genuine concern for the world we inhabit.

Holistic doctors have been turning up dead and 'missing', cancer cures have been buried and free energy solutions continue to be suppressed all while the frozen statues of society remain frozen and dormant in the wake of crucial issues that truly matter.

We currently live in a world that looks more like the animated movie “Minions”, we've become dumbed down, weak-minded, self-policing, self-indulgent, dobbing, snitching little worker bees whose only drive is to pick the most evil villain to follow and to serve.

If you look past the animation and kid friendly humour, you'll find a powerful ugly truth. These behaviours are not human traits as many proclaim, they are trained and learned behaviours; behaviours which program men and women to wear their hero's name on their back like a giddy schoolgirl proudly displaying her boyfriend’s Letterman jacket.

When grown men can only conjure passion whilst discussing statistics of other grown men playing children's ball games, they resemble a circus full of sound and fury signifying nothing as Shakespeare would say most pointedly.

Young women get all dressed up and sit together with a table full of other women, all of them looking like a million bucks but blanking out whilst texting on their cell phones, sitting together but miles apart in a trance, light gone from their eyes, friends sitting at the same table, the phone vibrates and one of the women conjures up a wry smile, every new message makes this young lady feel popular, cared about and important.

We have to admit to ourselves that the human race is a programmable species, like a computer, but we are also capable of incredible creative genius. In order to achieve the latter we have to be aware of the former, just being aware of the social engineering agenda currently taking place within our world breaks the spell on contact, hence the importance of doing the shadow work and the inner work of understanding the underlying illusions which surround us everywhere both in literal and allegorical expressions.

Being fully aware of the weaponized ignorance that is strategically being used against us is the key to gaining control over this malevolent energy; including the ignorance that is purposefully and systematically being programmed into our culture and the educational system. Yes, this is all on purpose.

I have seen firsthand countless young ladies weed out every single decent moral man they’ve ever met only to choose the most dominant deadbeat psychopath looser, or the most passive multi-corporate doormat and then complain about how horrible men are these days and how there are no more “good” men left in the world anymore.

I have also seen countless men chase after mean-spirited, cold hearted women and then complain about how materialistic and uncompassionate they are, as they push away every authentic kind hearted nurturing woman that they ever come across.

Like a greedy consumer carelessly shoving past the crowds at a Boxing Day sale, inauthentic men look for inauthentic women and inauthentic women look for inauthentic men, it’s as simple as that. 

People are taught that this unhealthy attraction is ‘normal’ and ‘just the way things are’. This insane sociopathic ideology is continuously reinforced through the media, reality TV shows and primetime television programs in order to literally breed out courageous, kind hearted authentic human beings. This is a carefully crafted and highly planned out elaborate eugenics program and its working better than they could have ever hoped for.

Take the TV program “The Bold and the Beautiful” for example; what exactly is ‘normal’ about the way the characters behave on this program? What exactly is ‘normal’ regarding anything that happens on this program? Take “Big Brother” or "The Bachelor" as a few other prime examples; does anything ‘normal’ actually happen on these programs? No. If anything the portrayed behaviour of the cast in these programs is sociopathic at best, and this is supposed to be ‘Reality’ TV.

Welcome to the new world of rugged individualists’ quickly crumbling before our very eyes through their own ignorant self-righteousness. We are fastly approaching a new era of normalised sociopathy, if anything, we're already there.

I'm not saying any of these things to be negative; I'm simply trying to identify this collective illness so that we can heal it together.

Our social structure is falling apart faster than the fall of Rome, and if there was ever a time that we should look past the bright lights of the football stadium and the makeup counter it’s right f@cking now!!!

If you look closely, what I’m saying here is part of the solution, not part of the problem.

People can keep on calling me negative, crazy, out of touch and paranoid all they like, I really don't care. I'll keep calling them exactly what they are; which is naive, apathetic, gullible and docile as they buy into the official narrative of everything without doing a lick of research or ever looking beyond the surface of what is presented to them on the plane of the literal.

People find it so incomprehensible to think that others could possibly not have their best interests in mind, even though the proof of which is everywhere, repeated all throughout history time and time again.

Just open a history book and see if Feudalism gave two hoots about the local artisans for example.

The reality is that the status quo don't care about you, they don't care about me, they don't even care about themselves although they aren't consciously aware of this because they don’t understand the concept of universal law which is by harming another living organism you are also harming yourself.

Look, the lion is awake... and she found her courage to roar.

So now, make your roar clear, and make it count.

Unapologetically yours.

- CR


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