Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Hidden Hand Behind The Curtain, A Tale of Psychological Warfare.

-Article by Dark Matter

There’s an immensely fine line, and somewhat a dangerous line, between what can be considered by the majority as merely conspiratorial, and what remains to be undeniable ‘On Record’ facts regarding the atrocities of our modern time. When I discovered that the Black Lives Matters movement in the US was funded by possibly the most evil human being on the face of the planet besides the Rothschilds, George Soros, my eyes rolled again and I suddenly felt like I was watching the same film of an old tireless tramp desperately trying to save his widow from committing suicide under a guillotine with no avail. 

It came as no surprise to me that the divide and conquer regime of the ‘hidden hand’ was in full swing across all areas of the globe.

I opened up the local Murdochian newspaper here in Australia, and on the first page it read “unarmed black man shot by white cop”, on the next page it read “Islamic extremists target suburban temple”, on the outer pages there laid more drudgery designed to deploy the great divide between vast populations of people across the globe. 

I witnessed the story unfold of the US make yet another ‘mistake’ when they bombed a Syrian Army Base instead of the supposed enemy target, with the assistance of our own Australian Air force which of course barely received an iota of news coverage in the west, especially not after the Brangelina divorce psyop was successfully deployed to carry all eyes and ears away from this crime against humanity committed by our own western nations. 

A short time later, I saw the ‘news’ bombardment which showed Russian military forces conducting similar operations in Aleppo, which was brandished all over every pixel of my TV screen for days on end. The US’s crime had appeared to have been successfully covered up, without word, without another thought given, with all focus now fixated on Russia, Brad Pitt, and Angelina Jolie.

Right there and then, I became certain of what I had known deep down all along, I had been previously praying to god that I perhaps had it all wrong this time, however after witnessing the occurrence of recent atrocities and events, unfortunately it now appears that my worst fears may actually be very quickly becoming reality. 

The depopulation agenda of "the hidden hand" appears to be unfolding as planned, the execution of the socially engineered plan to incite an entire country’s civilian population to implode upon itself in a bloodbath of violence, fuelled by a purposely manufactured “us against them” mentality embedded deep within the collective psyche of society.

What better way for them to do it? Create relentless hatred between two social groups (Blacks, Whites, Islamists, Christians) and have them all kill off each other. This is a very old yet very effective psychological warfare technique which was used by multiple oligarchs throughout history, a few being Julius Caesar, Adolf Hitler and Napoléon just to mention a few. 

This is all the same old tyrant using all the same tricks; intrinsically socially engineered to allow only a small few to become even richer and more powerful than they already are. The “Hidden Hand” knows exactly what it’s doing here, and the masses appear to have absolutely no clue of where to turn, or even what side they’re supposed to be fighting for.

What may seem like laymen on the external shell of our “3D reality” as a dear friend of mine so beautifully puts it, is almost always veiling a deep seeded truth. To get to that truth, I’ve always followed the money trail. 

After witnessing any major atrocity that has seemingly occurred, ask yourself “who benefits?”, “Who funded this?”, “Who gains a strategic advantage from this event?”. 

Another question that is worth considering asking yourself is this: “if perhaps this event never even took place, but was a staged event (as in the 1997 film ‘Wag the Dog’ which exposed all of this and how incredibly easy it is to create a scene of total war and chaos for a news report) who benefits from having control over my perception of this supposed event?”

Once we start asking these often necessary yet challenging questions, we at least stand a chance at gaining a better understanding at whom and what is truly happening in any given event.

Once we gain access to the root cause of the problem, which requires deep analysis, an open mind and the ability to separate fact from conspiratorial non-sense, then and only then do we stand a chance at finding a remedy.

Like I said, there’s an immensely fine line between what can be considered by the majority as merely conspiratorial, and what remains to be undeniable ‘On Record’ facts. 

Finding facts is not difficult. The ultimate question is, and answering this is the difficult part, do you really want to know the facts? Some people do not, and understandably so. 

It’s certainly not a pleasant thing to discover that for your entire life you’ve been indoctrinated into believing nothing but puerile scat designed only to serve a few wealthy individuals, it was certainly a painful discovery for me over a decade ago, I can still remember how much it hurt. But it is the truth either way, but after that hurt diminishes, a great sense of liberation arises. 

Liberation… Believe in that, because it’s that liberation which creates opportunity, and opportunity creates potential. And the mass realisation of our collective potential is the one percenters' greatest fear. 

Imagine the possibilities if everyone realised their potential, and then united together; blacks, whites, Islamists and Christians etc. all standing united as one army. Babylon would literally crumble overnight, and our world would be the most beautiful and peaceful place for all to thrive.

"Man can be the worst kind of animal, but he can also be the best kind. The difference lies within the choices he makes"-Dark Matter


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