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Somehow, through a series of events, you found a way to wake up from the slumber you were once in. Since then you've opened your mind, researched and discovered that this world, this life and this reality are completely different to what you once believed them to be.

This is a gift of course, perhaps you could even call it a ‘spiritual experience’ but it can often feel like a curse, I know. Some of your friends and even your family don't want to listen to you anymore, people call you crazy but as you know the inmates are running the asylum, only to be told “you're wrong” by those who have never even taken a peek at the evidence or the facts. You feel isolated and burdened by the heaviness of this new information. At times no one wants to talk about these issues with you because they think you're being too negative when the truth is that your intention is actually positive, but you can't put the genie back in the bottle and you can't unlearn any of this information. You feel a moral imperative to be a part of the solution but no one seems to want your help. 

They attack the messenger because they simply don't want what you're saying to be true, they cannot deal with the implications, they aren't strong enough just yet.

I'm here to tell you that I am sorry you had to go through this. I'm sorry that critical thinking, open-mindedness, intuition and your courage to speak has caused you pain. I'm sorry that what you've had to experience has put you through psychological trauma and has at times made you feel isolated and alone. I'm sorry that simple minded ignorant people have used gas lighting and aversion to paint YOU as ‘the crazy one’ when in fact their version of ‘normal’ is my version of ‘hell’. I have a feeling you know what I mean. I'm genuinely proud to be in the same dire predicament as you are, let me be the first one to apologize to you on behalf of the human race, not because it's my fault but because someone needs to. It's not fair and it's not any version of justice that I've ever known.

I hope the frequency I'm sending says even more than the words. Here's the actual truth: you are courageous, you are a moral human being who has the ability to empathize with other people, animals, creatures and the earth itself. No matter what your religion, political party or lack thereof, you listen to your conscience and I thank you for it. You've sacrificed money, friendship, love, social status and have suffered persecution for the simple crime of seeking out the truth in a world absolutely enamored by lies.

We're not just thinking creatures, we’re feeling creatures as well; that as a source of strength though, not a source of weakness. You refuse to conform to any archetype in order to remain a free, sovereign, unique individual, and that you are. Your power is amplified by the struggle not drained by it, you are powerful because this has been so hard.

You're not alone, you are in fact needed. You have an important purpose here, no matter how persuasive the argument to the contrary you do have the ability to make a difference, think of the butterfly effect turning into a mighty wind right now at the turn of the tide. I appreciate so much you stepping up to the challenge and I want to thank you personally for finding a way to contribute toward this benevolent cause against malevolent forces.

No, you cannot single-handedly control the outcome of the struggle but you can control your part of the effort completely.

Once you're on the frequency of the solution you cannot therefore be on the frequency of the problem, that is why no matter how small the act, you are a large part of the play. I'm using my own intuition, but somehow, in some way this message will find its way to you like a message in a bottle randomly cast into a dark turbulent sea. I trust that you feel the same electrical surge called ‘synchronicity’. I am with you and even that by itself means you're not alone

My Story:

As the author of this website, I believe in an open, transparent media and the accessibility of information for everyone; not only those few who have the financial means to control the distribution and access of information. I believe that access to information is a human right and not a privilege.

My inclinations towards the exposé of information eventuated in mid 2005 and became more apparent after an extended debacle broke out involving the balderdash, seemingly pointless laws & regulations regurgitated by a local NSW government council authority (where myself and my extended family were situated at the time) relating to the renovation of my grandmother's home which had been built by her husband with his bare hands back in the early 1900's. The home became unlivable due to the deterioration of its hand built wooden infrastructure, particularly for an elderly woman such as my grandmother who was in her mid 80's. My grandmother was particularly attached to the home and was reluctant to vacate, regardless of it's unlivable condition- she wanted to stay.

How Individuals Used To Live?:

To honor the wishes of my grandmother, my family members decided to renovate the home. To make it of a livable standard for her once again. The old tin roof was completely rusted and the walls were beginning to fall down. In an attempt to do 'the right thing', my family applied for a permit at the local government council's office so they could lawfully renovate the home without any legal ramifications, this application was rejected by the council's office due to the home now being classified as 'heritage listed' and could not be altered in any way.  

My family members argued the matter through thick and thin, attempting through various means to stress the fact that the home was no longer a safe environment for my grandmother to live in, however the local council's office dismissed any attempted reasoning that was put forth with bureaucratic gibberish and inconsequential explanations contained in letters sent to us stating that "the heritage listing laws were in place so that other people could see how individuals used to live".  

My family tried to stipulate the fact that my grandmother was still presently living in the home and always had been, so it was indeed clearly not a matter of unlawful renovation as it was then the year 2005. 'How individuals used to live' surely could not be used as a reason for the rejection.  

It became clear that my family did not stand a chance against the masterminds at the council's office as they were not even the slightest bit interested in any attempted reasoning or any credible arguments put forth that could possibly discredit their regulations. The entire system revealed itself as nothing more than a narcissistic entity- "even if you're right, you're still wrong, because we are always right" was the attitude portrayed by the council's office staff throughout the entire tedious process. It was clearly a battle that could not be won, debated or even negotiated upon; we simply could not 'lawfully' alter the home in any way.  The status quo even stressed the notion that if any individual was found to be altering the home in any way whatsoever, then this individual could face criminal charges, heavy fines and even imprisonment. 

The Rise of Suspicion:

It was after this particular incident that I became suspicious and skeptical in regards to the bigger picture, a phenomenon that could be transcended into what we (as a collective species of human beings) were up against. After conducting a great deal of research on this indescribable phenomenon, it became increasingly obvious to me that 'ownership' of any kind was virtually impossible, an illusion so to speak. It seemed that anything that one was to theoretically 'own'- still in fact ultimately remained the property of the Crown Corporation (City of London). Your home, your motor vehicle, your cell phone, any food/water you have, any items of clothing you possess, any land that you own, anything registered or certified, even your own children are in fact not yours at all as far as the Crown Corporation are concerned...

Here's Why:

How Your Name & Birth Certificate Is Used To Enslave You To A Fictitious Corporate Entity:


Metaphorically speaking; ownership of any kind becomes an illusion within itself when one is to deeply analyse the true nature of 'ownership', i.e. with this concept in mind, everything else can be considered an illusion also, including governments, laws, authoritarian departments, your name and even specific social dynamics. Better yet, things that appear to be theoretically structured, are merely a meme, including the external structures of everything we consider to be real.

Realistically speaking, once the external structural meme is placed to one side, there remains only one true law; the law of our universe (or Universal Law) which is simply to 'do no harm', and that 'you are free to do and be whatever you choose to do or be as long as it does not interfere with or 'do harm' to another living entity/human or their property'. It is so simple.

The more I researched the more it became increasingly obvious that every human being on the face of the planet is being controlled and indoctrinated from birth by a small cabal of elitists consisting of 13 specific family bloodlines who are in complete control of virtually every aspect of general society and have been for many centuries, working through networks of several other interconnected family bloodlines which can all be traced back to The Club of Rome.

These families are:

This Video Explains The Entire Paradigm in Exquisite Detail:
I tend to avoid using the phrase 'Illuminati' these days as the very mentioning of this word tends to jeopardize any type of credibility towards this subject which is exactly the way the system has been designed, to discredit anyone who dares to shed light onto the truth through name calling and social ostracization. The design of the system's veil has cleverly manipulated this truth. Over the years many good intentioned yet ill informed people have taken the entire notion of 'the Illuminati' completely out of context due to sheer lack of research and inaccurate sources of information. So these days, I simply refer to this bloodline malignancy as "psychopaths with too much money" which is precisely what these elitist individuals are.

Max Igan, from TheCrowHouse.com is an Australian independent researcher & activist who explains every aspect of this paradigm with the utmost of accuracy and research based precision in this video:

The Document:

The Globalist Agenda (aka Agenda 21, New World Order etc.) is being subtly implemented to gain control and contractual ownership over every single organism on the face of the planet... an agenda that is meticulously calculated, planned with absolute precision and is designed to be introduced with delicate subtlety over an extended period of time (decades) to avoid public realization or a social revolution.

I later discovered a document that appeared to contain none of the usual copyright branding or author titles, but seemed to be a type of instruction manual. Sections of the document had appeared in a variety of novels as references used by several different authors over the years, but the actual origin of the document to this day still remains unknown.  Upon analysis the manual appears to be a type of 'how to' guide to serve a particular agenda or to fulfill some particular purpose. 

After much critical review; it seems to be a type of instruction manual intended for use by a selected few individuals,  containing step by step information on how to achieve particular outcomes, primarily on using the structure of energy to serve in favor of a desired outcome. The manual explains in exquisite detail, step by step information regarding the process of enslaving humanity via every means available. And better yet, without humanity even realizing it. This further increased my suspicions and fueled my hunger for further knowledge of the document's origin. Still to this day, I'm no closer to finding the document's original source. 

(There are many copies of this document floating around on the net, judging from the wording contained within it and the way in which sentences are corroborated with particular illustrations, it appears to be from a CIA/Government Defense source which tend to use the same formats with many other internal documents. Not necessarily an 'Official Defense Source' but a kind of sub-unit manual).

"You have to understand, most people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it" -Morpheus

The Investigation:

My insidious theory at the time was indeed a calculus which sounded absolutely 'crazy' to any person, even to myself who was the person trying to explain it to others and how the dots connected. After reviewing the evidence contained within the entire 9/11 and G.W Bush sagas, much of which is presented by Dr Judy Wood, Andrew Johnson & Richard Hall, this 'conspiracy' appeared to be more of a fact beyond disrepute, than some idiotic idealism constructed in a mental cases mind.

After researching more and more information about this strange phenomenon, the extent and depth of the conspiracy against mankind became so blatantly obvious that it would be sheer madness within itself to dismiss it all as simply matters of 'coincidental circumstances'. 

My eyes began to open more and more, I read books, many books; about the human condition and even began working with government sectors myself in an attempt to better understand why people behave the way they do. 

I read countless books by Eckhart Tolle, Dr Thomas Moore, David Icke, Dr M.Scott Peck, Dr Wayne Dyer, Carl Jung, Max Igan, Sigmund Freud, Aldous Huxley and George Orwell just to mention a few, in an attempt to gain a better understanding of what was currently happening to humanity and why. 

I eventually began to speculate in regards to what we humans were up against; what metaphorically felt like a giant monster consuming our planet, along with the hearts and minds of every person living on it. It seemed that most people were asleep and completely unaware as to what was currently happening in the world around them, and completely unwilling to accept that it could even be possible that it 'might' be happening let alone coming to accept that it actually 'is' happening.

It became increasingly apparent to me that most people were all too quick in dismissing factual information as 'crazy fantasy talk' or 'make believe' constructed by a 'conspiracy theorist', a term that has been conveniently constructed to dismiss any person who dares to present real facts regarding challenging issues or who presents credible information worthy of further investigation. People who dare to step outside the encompassing equator of the 'delusional veil' are dismissed by society as 'wackos or 'nut jobs' and are ultimately ostracized socially among peers, 'friends', family and virtually everyone else around them. Which is precisely the way in which this toxic system has been designed and created, the way it has been indoctrinated gradually into general society over many generations.  

It has now even become 'acceptable' behavior to outcast and shun an individual. Anyone who may be characterized as different, or not a part of the usual crowd or the average pack of cattle.  It's the very acceptance of this increasingly developing toxic behavioral standard that I find absolutely critical to shine light upon, in the hope that exposing it for what it truly is may provide us all with some kind of remedy to collectively reflect upon, for us all to take a good look at ourselves collectively and the manner in which we treat each other on a global level, as this normalization of out-casting and the ostracism of others it is in fact a form of mass clinical insanity; in diabolical need of remedy. 


Throughout the awakening process, one begins to notice everything appearing before them with the utmost of clarity. One develops the ability to see the unseen, opening up a broader range of the multi-dimensional perspective.  Initially, one begins feeling a bit like Alice (in Wonderland). It becomes easily noticeable within a persons eyes. They have the look of a person who accepts what they see because they're expecting to wake up. Ironically, this is not far from the truth. They feel like they're here because they know something. What they know, they can't explain. But they feel it. They usually feel it their entire lives but once the awakening begins they feel it with the utmost of clarity. They feel that there's something wrong with the world. They don't know exactly what it is, but it's there. Like a splinter in their mind -- driving them mad. It is this feeling that brings them to question the nature of reality.  To question the void which is everywhere, the void which is all around us. Even now, as you're reading these words. One can see it when they look out their window, or when they turn on their television. They can feel it when they go to work, or when they go to church or when they pay their taxes. 

It is the world that has been pulled over everyone's eyes to blind them from the truth: That each person is a slave. Like everyone else, born into bondage, born inside a conceptual prison that one cannot smell, taste, or touch. A prison for ones own mind. Do you dare to venture into the rabbit hole? What lies within it, is truth. Nothing more and nothing less. It's not always glamorous or pleasant and often it's a very solitary journey,  but it's the Truth all the same. 

Many find the awakening paradoxically a blessing and a curse at the same time, due to the fact that once awakened; one can clearly see the work of both the positive and the negative forces which surround them within their reality. They see these forces in their barest form, stripped of all their external layers of meta-data. Unfortunately at present, the paradigm is greatly unbalanced (The Yin & Yang) which has allowed the negative force to take over a great proportion of our planet which most people are completely oblivious too as it's the life they've been born into, the life they've always known, their indoctrination. 

Once the awakening has been experienced, it becomes ones personal duty to inform others, to try and awaken other people out of the zombie like state of constant hypnosis and preoccupation that they've been trapped in since birth.

When one experiences the awakening, they begin to invest less energy into the things in life that don't really matter like physical objects, looks, money, egotistical expressionism, status, social pecking order etc. One develops the ability see these things stripped of all their layers, in their most absolute bare forms i.e: Energy, energy that can be used for good or evil, to produce more energy which is positive energy, or to produce more energy which is negative. Energy that can be used to serve ones self, or to serve all of mankind. Energy which can be placed into the Yin or the Yang.  

But always keep in mind that the only person who you can truly wake up is YOURSELF, as with everything, it comes down to a choice; truth or fiction? A choice of which many are still not yet ready to make. Everyone you assist in waking up is simply a gift and a bonus to humanity.  

Your behavior will greatly determine the influence you have upon others, thus also assisting them through their awakening process. As stated by WeAreChange.org "Be the change you want to see in the world", how brilliantly simple, yet so true is this statement.

The Status Quo:

The status quo (the elites) work interactively to keep certain information hidden from the common realms of mainstream reality whilst only allowing selected pieces of information to be presented to the general population. They do this through a network of different methods including mainstream media, television, Hollywood and celebrities, pharmaceuticals, water supply, food supply etc. Subsequently, any individual who dares to question the validity of information presented in mainstream media broadcasts and newspaper publications are also conveniently branded with labels ranging from 'conspiracy theorist', 'domestic terrorist' to 'tin foil hat wearing wacko', however the reality of the matter is that these degradations could not be any further from the truth, given the fact that most individuals trying to expose this global conspiracy are actually very well educated, highly intelligent and well informed human beings refusing to conform to the gullibility evident amongst society in general. And the good news is that the truth movement is spreading, more and more truth researchers are popping up all over the world, networking with each other and exchanging information. An increasing number of websites are also popping up dedicated to the truth movement.
It starts like an itch.
Something happens in our lives that causes us to question what we know.
We open our eyes and seek the truth.
The more we uncover, the hungrier we are for understanding.
But the world isn't perfect, and there's a lot of pain and deception.
We read, a lot.
We start protesting.
Our family labels us as too negative, our friends start to pull away.
We are labelled as hippies, conspiracy theorists and terrorists.
We are beaten by police and mocked by the news.
Yet, we have become obsessed with spreading the truth.
It becomes a very solitary journey. 
-author unknown- 
Any individual who chooses not believe everything they are conditioned to believe are generally ostracized by the socially brainwashed populous (sheeple) who have been programmed since birth to never question their country's government or their agendas, to never question the validity of information presented to them in the media and to always consider what they see on television to be the true nature of reality and fact; in addition to these elements, they have also been programmed to never dig deeper, to never find their own answers, to never seek their own truths and that somebody else (usually television/mainstream media) will give them the correct information that they need to be informed.
The lifestyles found within western society have been secretly and subtly manipulated by the elites over the decades to assist them in achieving their ultimate global agenda: New World Order and population control.

If one is to scrutinize the social and physiological elements found within westernized habitual lifestyles, the obvious pattern begins to emerge. 

Western civilization's extended history of war, murder, narcissism, violence, greed, self indulgence, self-interest and ignorance all play a vital role within the elitist plans to implement New World Order, these tools are utilized by the elitists to weaken the structure of humanity, to abolish free will and to eradicate freedom of choice/expression; Additionally, our culture has been trained to not only submit to these silent weapons of destruction but to also glorify them, a classic example is the unwarranted worship of celebrities and sporting identities.

As we can clearly see from our past experiences throughout human history, our collective unbridled trust in the elitists systematic entities such as media, government and banks has proven time and time again to serve diabolical consequences upon humanity... The elites love war, power, money and control. They have little to no interest in the preservation of humanity as a collective species or any other living organism on the face of the planet, nor do they have any interest in peace on earth, human kindness, fairness or love.

To Get One Thing Crystal Clear:

The Global Awakening of Humanity is by no means an 'Anti Government Movement', I wish to specifically stress that point. The global awakening of humanity is, in fact, quite the contrary. 

It is fairly reasonable to notion the idea that any society will benefit positively from an honest  and ethical hierarchy of organised and honest individuals who place humanity's best interests first hand before money or social influential power, however the truth of the matter is that we (the human species) do not have anything even close to this anywhere in the entire world.  We currently have only self-serving individual parasitical entities who care for no-one but themselves and their own political self-interests, so it seems.

History tells us that these entities will do whatever it takes to gain complete and total control over the human race and every other organism on the entire planet.  They will commit the most heinous crimes against humanity, lie, deceive and manipulate whoever and whatever necessary to fulfill this agenda. Like any common psychopath, they posses no sense of what is right or what is wrong, nor do they have the ability to feel empathy for others.

The Human Race, our human civilization, is on a semi-self perpetuated spiral towards extinction, and it has been caught up in this spiral for a long time, it does not take a genius to see this.  It has absolutely nothing to do with 'Global Warming' or 'Climate Change' (a scam designed by the elitists to further enslave humanity financially, physically and spiritually), nor does it have anything to do with 'over-population', 'population statistics', 'killer viruses' or 'terrorists', it is in-fact a direct result of the nature in which we treat other people and ourselves both individually and as a collective species.

War, killing, genocide, violence of any kind, arrogance, ignorance, self-indulgence, disregard for others, narcissism, lack of empathy, economical imbalance and greed are all key ingredients stirring up this concoction of destruction, all serving the purpose of this gradual human extinction process to reduce the population on the planet. We are basically left with two choices, either we evolve as a collective race and wake up to the blatantly obvious, or we die from murdering each other in erroneous banker wars, and by being too stupid and self absorbed to be able to see what is happening or what we are even doing to each other.

The main agenda that the elitists have in their sites is population control which will ultimately create two separate classes of people: The filthy rich and the filthy poor. With this global agenda in mind the elitists can control/own every person, every blade of grass, every drop of water and every cell and organism on the planet.

Conclusion & Hope:

Although the elitist's plans for human civilization are indeed secretive, sinister and meticulously calculated, they are however highly flawed.  Their game plan is reliant on every aspect of it running smoothly, and as we all know, plans very rarely run smoothly. 

Their game plan unrealistically relies on every single public servant, every single government minister, every single defense force employee, every single police officer, every single judge, every single government service official and every single lawyer in the entire world to simply just agree and go along with it, which is indeed highly unlikely to occur without heavy resistance.

We can all do something about this destruction of mankind and collectively work towards an effective change by not only being aware of the way in which we relate to and treat other people and the creatures who also live on our planet, but also being aware of and recognizing the egoic traits present within ourselves individually; as only after we recognize these traits, can we begin to heal them, thus creating a new earth; an earth without manufactured wars and senseless violence, an earth without mass deception and global manipulation, heaven on earth instead of hell on earth.

Creating awareness, transparency and alternatives to the never ending babel of inconsequential gibberish that we see on corporate television which is owned by the elites is also a big step in the right direction. Television & mainstream media is a key element in their ability to control the perceptions of the masses; mind control of the people for the purposes of fulfilling financial, political and self-serving, narcissistic agendas.

Once we take back control over our own perceptions, we can once again take control over ourselves and our human civilization.  

I posted this video as I found it to be an appropriate reminder of how beautiful this world truly is, including the creatures we share it with.

If you have any stories, comments or ideas you'd like to share, please let us know.

You can remain anonymous if you choose to do so and we will never disclose or publish any information that you clearly tell us not to. Your right to privacy will be respected and upheld at all times.

Thanks again and may peace be with you always.


Author & Site Administrator