Thursday, 19 March 2015

Racial Genocide: The Australian Government's new policy of de-funding Aboriginal communities means that it will eliminate access to services such as health care and education, while also completely cutting off power and water.

On March 16, 2015, thousands took action across dozens of cities & smaller regional communities in Western Australia demanding the government abandon its plan to evict 150 Aboriginal communities in Western Australia. Major city centers in Brisbane & Melbourne were shut down by massive sit-ins while Perth marched on Parliament. Online people used the hashtag #SOSBlakAustralia to show their support for those taking the streets. The day’s actions were organized by a vast group of Indigenous peoples, community organizations, spear-headed by a small collective going by SOS Blak Australia.

This latest attack on Australia’s Aboriginal communities will create up to 20,000 refugees & add another chapter to the history of the Australian government’s attempted genocide of Indigenous peoples. The closures are being done under the guise of budget cuts, Australia’s racist Prime Minister Tony Abbott has gone as far as saying that the government can no longer fund a “lifestyle choice”, referring to Aboriginal people living on their traditional lands. Truth be told it is Aboriginal people who are being forced to fund the government’s “lifestyle” which continues to rely on exploiting stolen land and resources, including fossil fuels. The price they've paid includes not only their land but the attempted destruction of their culture.

     Monday, 19 January 2015

Somehow, through a series of events, you found a way to wake up from the slumber you were once in. Since then you've opened your mind, researched and discovered that this world, this life and this reality are completely different to what you once believed them to be.

This is a gift of course, perhaps you could even call it a ‘spiritual experience’ but it can often feel like a curse, I know. Some of your friends and even your family don't want to listen to you anymore, people call you crazy but as you know the inmates are running the asylum, only to be told “you're wrong” by those who have never even taken a peek at the evidence or the facts. You feel isolated and burdened by the heaviness of this new information. At times no one wants to talk about these issues with you because they think you're being too negative when the truth is that your intention is actually positive, but you can't put the genie back in the bottle and you can't unlearn any of this information. You feel a moral imperative to be a part of the solution but no one seems to want your help. They attack the messenger because they simply don't want what you're saying to be true, they cannot deal with the implications, they aren't strong enough just yet.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Just A Few Thoughts- The Inverted Paradox Of Universal Life

Why does general society dismiss individuals with real solutions to life's ongoing and newly developing problems? Is it a subliminal mechanism of collective self-sabotage? Could the remedies to many of life's major ordeals be a simple matter of better communication and greater forbearance? These are just a few of the questions that many of us are now casting out into the waves of the acquiescent 'reality' based world.